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EWTG Star June 2018
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President's Corner Rewind... See What You Missed Making the Most of your EWTG Experience
Membership News Mini-Course Professional Development Luncheon
Birthday Club is Here Conference Update Get Involved!
Sponsor Appreciation Events & Announcements
President's Corner

Deborah Shaw-Boatner - pic Here we are in June and I ask again “Where has the time gone?” All I have to do is watch the weather report which reminds me on a daily basis that summer has arrived with the usual Texas vengeance of 90+ degree temperature for too many days at a time!

Now that we are halfway through our calendar year it’s a good time to perform a self-assessment on how you are doing with the challenges that we have discussed since the beginning of the year:

  • Decide what new memories you want to create as you get involved this year. Each month the board and committee leaders plan numerous opportunities for our members to receive relevant, practical, and affordable training from professional leaders in our community. There are numerous committees that need volunteers to ensure we fulfill our mission and purpose. We invite you to create memories of lasting relationships and learning opportunities with members of the EWTG team.
  • Add the monthly Mini Courses and Luncheons to your calendars. These professional development opportunities are great for learning skills that will benefit you personally and professionally and may count as training credits at your agency.
  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle is a Career Strategy. What are you doing to live a healthy lifestyle? Although we are half way into 2018 it is not too late to set a goal to begin living a healthier lifestyle including eating better, exercising, meditating and taking breaks. It should be and must be a part of your career strategy.
  • Spring into action! Many of you are taking to heart the encouragement to ACT as we had over 40 members to attend our May mini-course luncheon and professional development luncheon. Connie Williams, past EWTG President and Women of the Year presented “Thinking and Acting Like a Leader” to a packed house at the Carver Library. And to round out the month Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette presented “Leading Ladies IQ, EQ, LQ; Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, and Leadership Quotient” to a huge crowd. (For more information on these presentations see the summary articles in this month’s newsletter).

    NOW is the time to ACT and encourage other non-members to attend EWTG events and get an opportunity to take advantage of the $10 discount for joining at an EWTG sponsored event. And as you spring into action –don’t forget about getting involved in an Executive Success Team (EST).
  • A reminder from our May newsletter be sure to take time to celebrate your own successes and milestones while celebrating other people and other moments. As a general rule as women, we are notoriously reluctant to give ourselves praise or a “pat on the back.” And when we are bad about celebrating for ourselves, this is when our lovely EWTG colleagues come to the rescue to help us out! Alice Walker says it very eloquently “It is important to remember yourself.”

June is typically full of activity and celebrations: Father’s Day, graduations of our family and friends, Juneteenth and the beginning of vacation season. Some families are making plans for their little ones while they are out of school; others may be getting their high school graduate prepared to go away to college.

EWTG is a family of colleagues that cares about each other personally and professionally. We would like to celebrate the accomplishments of you and your family. So for the next two months please send us pictures of your family members (or of yourself) that have graduated from kindergarten through graduate school. We will post some of the pictures in the newsletter so our EWTG family can share this special time with you and your family.

Come on board the EWTG team and join us as we create memories of lasting relationships and learning opportunities!

Here’s to making memories that will leave a legacy!

Deborah Shaw-Boatner

Deborah Shaw-Boatner
EWTG President, 2018

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Graphic - Success
“Think and Act Like an Executive-Leader™”
EWTG May 2018 Summary

Good thinking can advance your career. Why? Because good thinking solves problems and helps Organizations achieve and exceed their organizational outcomes. Executive-Leaders are distinguished by the way they think and act. To become an Executive-Leader, you must cultivate an Executive-Leader attitude, think like an Owner and own your position.. The way Executive-Leaders think and act can be learned and will make you “Unstoppable” in your career.

In Fortune 500 Companies, there are 44.7% women in the workforce and only 4.8% are CEOs (only 23 positions). In the 115th United States Congress, women comprise 20%. For Texas, there are 57.9% women in the workforce and it’s estimated that less than five women are executive directors of a state agency. The Texas Legislature has only 20.4% female legislators. Currently, more women are achieving law and medical degrees but there are a small percentage of women who are law and medical school Deans. What is missing from leadership development programs that can close this gap?

Connie’s vision for closing this gap is her leadership definition and how she prepares emerging executive-leaders for career advancement: “Leadership is the Strategic Action of Achieving Effective Outcomes and Growing Effective Leaders through the Leader and Team’s Signature Expertise.” From this leadership definition, the following five “Fundamentals of Leadership” were discussed:

(1) Strategic Action Skills are Financial, Organizational Performance and Stakeholder-Relations Management Skills that give women an applicable understanding of HOW and WHY an Organization achieves its outcomes; (2) Achieving Effective Outcomes helps an Organization exceed goals and delivers effective results it considers important for its growth; (3) Growing Effective Leaders gives the leader an ability to achieve effective outcomes through others by coaching and mentoring in the context of key organizational outcomes; (4) Leader’s Signature Expertise combines the leader’s heartfelt passions, experiences, abilities, results produced and temperament; and (5) Team’s Signature Expertise recognizes the distinction of greatness and excellence in others that emerges to remove deficiencies and to solve problems for the Organization.

A one sentence summary of “Think and Act Like an Executive-Leader™” is to focus on exceeding organizational outcomes for your Organization rather than just doing your job. Use your performance appraisal to document how you solve issues and achieve organization outcomes for your Organization. This is a career advancement strategy!

Connie also shared information and application on becoming an exceptional leader at your current level. Connie’s quote: “A woman with a plan is quite powerful” ended the mini-course with a homework assignment…a Leadership Assessment/Development Tool. Use this tool to create your career advancement plan and to close your leadership development gaps so you can master leadership.

To learn more about being a leader at your current level and to access the Leadership Assessment/Development Tool, click on the link below to download the handout from the “Think and Act Like an Executive-Leader™” Mini-Course” You can access more information about Organization Advisors, Inc.’s services by visiting their website at: If you would like to receive the complimentary digital gifts of “Speak Up and Arise” and the “Brilliant Women Rock!” song, please send an email to with the subject line, “Complimentary Gift”.

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Woman of the Year - award image
Who Will Be EWTG's Woman of the Year?

In 1993, EWTG began an annual tradition of recognizing one outstanding member as its Woman of the Year. The award recognizes an individual woman who has made a difference in EWTG, her profession, and the community through life-long learning and support of other women. She epitomizes the values for which EWTG stands and represents the best of who we are as women and as leaders.

Now is the time to start thinking about who you would like to nominate as EWTG's Woman of the Year for 2018. In August, we'll start taking nominations via our website. We've already lined up three outstanding judges, all of whom are women in public service leadership roles. Completed nomination forms will be given to the judges with the names redacted, and none of the judges are EWTG members, so their evaluation of the nominees will be unbiased. Then, make plans to join us at the Annual Professional Development Conference where we'll announce this year's honoree!

How will you recognize our next Woman of the Year?

  • By her participation in EWTG — She has demonstrated a significant level of involvement in the activities and business of EWTG over the past few years and demonstrated leadership by using her abilities to develop or improve a program or service that advances the mission of EWTG.
  • By her career accomplishments — She has demonstrated professional growth in her chosen career. For example, she may have excelled by attaining successively more responsible positions throughout her career, demonstrated innovation and creativity in various positions to obtain a significant benefit for her agency, or consistently demonstrated exceptional job performance beyond what is normally performed or expected. She has also demonstrated a commitment to fostering growth and development of women by mentoring others or working to improve services or conditions for women within her agency.
  • By her community involvement — She has demonstrated a commitment to her community by sharing her time and talent in ways that benefit the community as a whole or individuals within it, or perhaps she has demonstrated an exceptional personal commitment to civic endeavors outside of her professional obligations.
  • By her educational achievements — She has demonstrated a commitment to life-long learning and development of her personal and professional resources. For example, she may have expanded her knowledge and skill set by pursuing a college education, advanced degree, professional certification specific to her career field, or other educational opportunities related to her government work.
  • By her overall leadership qualities — She has demonstrated leadership characteristics throughout her career and personal work. Her contributions have required cooperative efforts of other individuals, departments, or agencies. She has proven her abilities as an individual, a team member, and a leader. She has shown a willingness to serve and assist other women in their personal and professional development and contributed to the successes of others as well as her own.

Hopefully, you're already thinking about who you'd like to nominate, and we definitely want to hear from you! So, here are a few tips for submitting a killer nomination that will garner the recognition your nominee deserves.

Tips for a successful nomination:

  • Really get to know your nominee — You probably already have a good idea of how involved she is in EWTG. To learn more about her career history and education, check out her LinkedIn profile. An even better idea: ask her out for lunch! Simple conversation is the best way to get to know someone, and how well you know your nominee matters when submitting the nomination.
  • Be prepared to write — The nomination form will ask six questions. The first question is a simple introduction of who your nominee is and why you think she deserves to be Woman on the Year. You'll have space for about 500 words to extol the awesomeness of your nominee. For each of the following five questions, each related to one of the five points above, you'll have space for about 300 words. The more information you provide, the more impressive your nominee will be to the judges.
  • Write to impress the judges — Resist the urge to copy-n-paste information from your nominee's LinkedIn profile or a bio you found online. Instead, write from your heart about your nominee. Talk about her qualities and accomplishments as you would if the judges were sitting in front of you asking about your best friend. Let the respect for your nominee shine through your words, and the judges will take notice!

Looking for a little inspiration? Visit our website for a video of our EWTG Woman of the Year for 2017, Denice Bettencourt. We also have an archive of all our past Woman of the Year honorees for your web browsing pleasure.

Submitted by Jori Mundy
EWTG Public Relations Director, 2018

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Educational Event – Wine Tasting

Water into Wine - graphic The Educational Events Committee is hosting a fabulous wine tasting and tour experience at Water 2 Wine, a local custom winery located in North Austin. Come and tour the wine production facility and learn the history and methodology of the winery while enjoying the option to taste a few of the 70 different wine options available.

The event will be held on Saturday, June 30, 2018, from 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. at Water 2 Wine, 3300 West Anderson Lane #304, Austin, and Texas, 78757.

The fee is $20.00/person which includes a one-hour tasting with hors-d'oeuvres and a tour.

This event is open to the first 25 people who register and is open to EWTG members and their guests. Please register as soon as possible to secure your spot as registration will be closing soon!

(Customization Option) You will have the option to gather in groups on your own to purchase a customized batch of wine and split the cost. Please visit for additional information regarding the customization option.

Submitted by Lenora Jones
EWTG Educational Events Committee Chair, 2018

EWTG Member Gives Back Through Teaching Etiquette

Teaching Etiquette - pic State employee and EWTG member, Shalyn Bridges loves to give back to the Austin community by teaching children etiquette classes. Shalyn is certified through the American School of Protocol in Atlanta as an etiquette instructor. She’s shared etiquette knowledge with EWTG as a speaker for EWTG mini-courses and as a speaker at the 2016 Annual Professional Development Conference. Her appreciation for etiquette and certification in the field was born out of her community service work with Austin Junior Forum (AJF), a local organization serving women, children, and the elderly in the central Texas area since 1969 and housed at the historic Caswell House. After hearing stories of bullying in schools, Shalyn and her AJF friends developed a solution to help the children of their community by offering a summer program teaching positive interpersonal skills, emphasizing empathy, fostering confidence, and providing strategies for dealing with difficult situations and people (like bullies). The series of six lessons cover a wide variety of social and dining skills that children will easily understand. Topics cover everything from introductions and communication skills to public speaking and navigating a formal meal…valuable skills that build confidence and inspire leadership. Shalyn gives back to the community for eight years and donates her time for these classes allowing the class registration fees to support the historical Caswell House. Please contact Shalyn Bridges for more information on you can help.

Submitted by EWTG Communications Committee, 2018

Connect with EWTG Online!

On Facebook, get connected by joining our EWTG Members Group. This group is for all EWTG members statewide — Austin & affiliate chapters — and it's private, so only group members will see what you post there. It's great for posting photos of EWTG events, sharing job postings, or asking questions of fellow EWTG members. Request Access to the group by emailing:

Social Media icons - graphicOn LinkedIn, get connected by joining our group page. As a professional networking site, this is an even better place to share job postings and articles on professional development or women in government. Any member of the group can post, but keep in mind that these posts are public, so please do not post personal information there. Log into your LinkedIn account, type "Executive Women in Texas Government" in the search box (or go to and click "Ask to Join" in the upper right corner.

On Twitter, get connected by following EWTG. This is the easiest one of all! Log into your Twitter account, type "EWTG" in the search box, and click "Follow" on the right under the photo.

If you have news to share, we'd love to hear from you!
Send your news to

See who joined & renewed membership last month!

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Mini-Course Luncheon - Wednesday, June 13th

Liza Willmore - photoStrategic Planning 101:
Do you know how to chart your course?


Liza Willmore

Project Director, Railroad Commission of Texas

Famed author and educator, Dr. Stephen Covey, has said: “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” Strategic planning is a systematic approach to reaching a desired future state, outlining that vision into objectives, and aligning the milestones with a timeline and sequence. In business or personal development, each decision has a domino effect on the next step in the process. With too many adjustments along the way, the end goal may not only seem further, but it is drifting away from the goal post. Strategic planning, much like Stephen Covey’s second habit in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, begins always with the end in mind. Where do you want to go…ultimately? At every stage, a leader must ask, "What must be done here to reach the next stage?" At the end of each stage, the leader must also ask, “What must be done at the previous stage to get here?" After all, however beautiful the strategy, you must occasionally look at the results. In this session, participants with a current strategic plan will be able to evaluate the strengths of the plan in place and how to measure its success in reaching the final desired outcome. Even those with no plans in place will be able to identify the key elements in preparing a plan and set milestones to executing the plan.

Ms. Willmore is the Project Director of the Railroad Commission of Texas. In this role, she leads technology innovation projects across the organization and continually seeks ways of providing operational excellence and continuous improvements. In her most recent role as the ITS Strategic Innovations Manager, she helped conduct an organization-wide Information Technology Assessment and developed a strategic roadmap for the organization, identifying opportunities to enhance technology and business capabilities to deliver better service for the public and the industry. As the previous Executive Management Analyst and Hiring Manager of RRC, her firsthand experience in operational improvement plans and organizational development structures adds the unique perspective to identify and integrate the ideal technology solutions. In her career, Ms. Willmore has led digital transformation initiatives transforming 65-year-old records into digital platforms, building enterprise database enhancements through ACE (Application Conversion and Enhancement) Project, and Executive Women in Texas Government’s interactive learning platform launch. Ms. Willmore is the Chair of the State Agency Council Executive Board and has served on various boards across Texas in the roles of President, Public Relations Director, and Communications Director. In 2006, Ms. Willmore was awarded the Outstanding Woman in Texas Government award by the Governor’s Commission for Women for her service in improving the lives of other women. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from UT Austin and an MS in Technology Commercialization from UT’s McCombs School of Business.

Submitted by Barbara Chavis
EWTG Mini-Course Director, 2018

Read More & Register Today!
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Professional Development Luncheon — Wednesday, June 27th

Colette Pierce Burnette - photoTexas Center for the Book:
the Library of Congress in Your Community


Rebekah Manley

Coordinator, Texas Center for the Book
Texas State Library and Archives


Ms. Manley will introduce us to the Texas Center for the Book and the ways the center seeks to celebrate the written work and endeavors to increase literacy, reading, and library use statewide.

After studying public relations at Grand Canyon University, Ms. Manley worked for Carnival Cruise Lines as a social hostess and assistant cruise director. She couldn’t shake the dream of writing to inspire and delight children and earned her Master of Fine Arts in Children’s Literature from Hollins University. Aside from her children’s literature career, Ms. Manley is the coordinator for the Texas Center for the Book at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The center is one of 50 state centers affiliated with the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. On Ms. Manley's website, Brave Tutu, she hopes readers will “take courage in delight and discover power in small moments.”

EWTG will be honoring all its Woman of the Year (WOTY) recipients at the June Professional Development Luncheon, they will receive a $5 discount on their luncheon ticket and will have reserved seats. If you are a WOTY recipient, please use Luncheon18 when registering for the June Professional Development Luncheon. Thank you all for your service to EWTG. EWTG has continued to be able to carry out its mission thanks to volunteers like you that have given so much of your time to this organization.

Submitted by Mary Castleberry
EWTG Program Director, 2018

Read More & Register Today!
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Graphic - Birthday

Your 2018 Board of Directors would like to announce the commencement of the EWTG Birthday Club. Beginning in June 2018 EWTG members that participate in the Birthday Club will receive $5 off their Professional Development (PD) Luncheon registration fees. This is an incentive and bonus to encourage our members to attend the monthly PD luncheon meeting. If you want us to celebrate your birthday in the newsletter and at the PD luncheon read more below.

How Does it Work

  • You must “opt-in” by completing the consent form indicating you wish to participate.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Birthday Month
  • Once you complete the form your birth month will be added to your membership profile. Only CMP (our management company) essential staff and the EWTG Membership Director will have access to the information. Again – it will include only your birth month – no date or year.
  • During your birthday month, your name will be included in the Birthday Club in the monthly newsletter. You will also be eligible to receive a $5 discount off your PD luncheon registration fees. NOTE: Only one $5 discount will be granted per month. For example, former EWTG Women of the Year will be recognized in the same month as your birthday. You can only use one $5 discount for that month.

So take a few minutes, fill out the consent form and join the EWTG Birthday Club. We want to show you some “love” and recognition on your birthday month. Cheers!

If any questions email

Submitted by
Deborah Shaw Boatner, 2018 President
Katrina Burch, 2018 Membership Director

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conference update
2018 EWTG Annual Professional Development Conference

Mark your calendars to attend the 2018 EWTG Annual Professional Development Conference on Monday, November 19th at the AT&T Hotel and Executive Education and Conference Center in Austin, TX. The theme for this year’s conference is “Leadership @ Work”. The Annual Conference will kick off with a Sunday evening Network Reception on November 18th. Please do not forget to make your reservations to arrive Sunday and join your fellow conference attendees for this unique opportunity the night before.

The Call for Presenters has been submitted, and the conference workshops and speaker presentations will be centered on this theme. Conference participants will benefit from listening to and learning from industry leaders, networking with other professionals, attending seminars, and gaining hands-on experience, receiving leadership training, developing analytical thinking skills, and gaining new ideas on how to solve problems and advance careers. We will soon have a link for registration and the other activities concerning the conference.

Please continue to watch the EWTG website and the Monthly Newsletter for more details and information as the conference continues to come together. The 2018 EWTG Conference Committee has been charged with bringing you a conference that is thrilling, fun, and relaxing while focusing on professional development. We are excited to have conference workshops and speaker presentations that will be focused on what women in the industry are seeking. The Conference Committee is working hard to make this the best conference ever!

Submitted by Shawana Abrams
EWTG Vice-President & Conference Chair, 2018

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get involved!
Calling All Creatives!

Get Involved - graphic The Public Relations & Media Committee is one of the most dynamic committees in EWTG. Our purpose is to find creative avenues to promote our organization. We create artwork, produce flyers, write press releases, and publicize EWTG's programs and events via print media, social media, outreach events, and other platforms.

One of the most exciting goals for our committee this year is selecting a new media outlet to promote the EWTG Annual Professional Development Conference. This critical selection will garner positive benefits for our organization by obtaining new members and unlocking new and innovative outlets to use for promotion.

The Public Relations & Media Committee is also responsible for conducting the selection of EWTG's Woman of the Year. This award is presented to an outstanding EWTG member who has demonstrated leadership, commitment, and success in all aspects of her life. Our committee recruits judges, solicits nominations and oversees the selection process so that we can name our Woman of the Year at the Annual Professional Development Conference in November.

Looking ahead, our committee has so many fun and exciting ventures on the horizon! If you are the creative type, whether with words or images or both, the Public Relations & Media Committee might just be the perfect fit for you. We would be thrilled to have you on the team! (Sign up using the link below.)

The educational events committee is currently seeking volunteers to serve. If you are interested in participating this year, please sign-up online.

Submitted by Nora Jones
EWTG Educational Events Chair

It's easy to get plugged in with EWTG committees — just fill out
this quick, online form and let us know what committees interest you!

Sign Up Today!
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Sponsor Appreciation

Finding Solutions Is What It's All About

GTS - logo If you work at the Department of Information Resources, you might be familiar with GTS Technology Solutions, but for those who work outside the world of IT, seeing the GTS name on banners at EWTG meetings might be the only knowledge you have of this valued EWTG sponsor. The company has been around since 1984 when it first opened its doors as Austin Ribbon & Computer Supplies, Inc. That's right — they've been around since the days when typewriters and ribbon were the top technology of the time! As technology changed, the business changed too, and today, just as its name implies, GTS provides a wide range of technology solutions to its clients — solutions that include hardware, software, services, and staffing. Their clients include state, county, and municipal government entities; school districts as well as institutions of higher education; healthcare providers; and private companies. What sets them apart is their consultative approach: seeking to understand the client's goals and needs from the start to ongoing assistance after the sale.

One of the things that make GTS Technology Solutions a perfect pairing with EWTG is that GTS is one of Austin's top woman-owned companies. Texas native Laura Grant graduated from Texas A&M and began her career in state government working as a clerk in the Texas House of Representatives and later for (now former) Texas Speaker of the House Tom Craddick. Her work at the Texas capitol gave her a unique perspective and experience in Texas government, the legislative process, and public policy. In 2015, she left public service for the private sector and became CEO and owner of Austin Ribbon & Computer Supplies, Inc., and would later shepherd that company through the process of rebranding itself as GTS Technology Solutions, a name change that would reflect the company's evolution mirroring advances in the technology industry.

Outside the walls of GTS headquarters in Austin and its offices around the state, GTS employees also work to help the community at large. In May, a team of GTS employees went to La Grange to help the Fayette County Disaster Recovery Team in its ongoing efforts to clean up after Hurricane Harvey where river flooding damaged homes; and another team of GTS employees organized resources at Austin's Dress for Success, a non-profit that empowers women to achieve economically by providing them professional attire, résumé writing, interviewing skills, and job search support. Earlier this year, GTS employees collected 67 "Handbags for Hope" — a project EWTG members have supported as well — for the Texas Advocacy Project, which puts life-saving legal information in the bags and gives them to women moving from domestic violence shelters into new living situations. Last Christmas, GTS employees in Austin and Dallas donated 84 coats to One Warm Coat, a national non-profit that provides a free, warm coat to anyone in need. Whether it's serving food to the homeless at Austin's Caritas Community Kitchen, participating in Houston's Walk to End Alzheimer's, volunteering at Dallas' Special Olympics Spring Games Competition, or donating to the USO's Operation Phone Home, a program that helps military service members deployed abroad to connect with family back home, GTS Technology Solutions and its employees understand the importance of family and community.

To learn more about this sponsor, check out these resources:

Submitted by: Shalyn Bridges
EWTG Development Committee Member

Events & Announcements

June Birthdays – Wishing you a wonderful day!
Deborah Shaw Boatner
Cindy Hale

June 13th, 11:30 a.m. — Mini-course — See details above about this event.

Calendar - graphic June 20th, 5:30 p.m. — EWTG Board Meeting — The Board meeting agenda and a summary of the Board meeting minutes will be posted to the EWTG Web site after the board approves them the following month.

June 27th, 11:30 a.m. — Professional Development Luncheon — See details above about this event.

June 30th — EWTG Scholarship Application Deadline — Click below for more information on how you can take advantage of this valuable resource. EWTG scholarships are awarded on a quarterly basis to those wanting an opportunity for professional advancement or personal growth. All interested members are encouraged to apply; financial need is not a factor. Take a moment to treat yourself to a course you have been putting off or a conference you would love to attend. [learn more]

June 30th, 12:00 p.m. — Water 2 Wines Tasting and Tour — The Educational Events Committee is hosting a wine tasting and tour experience at Water 2 Wine, a local custom winery in North Austin. Come and learn the history and methodology of the winery while tasting a few of the 70 different wine options available. See details above about this event.

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