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EWTG Star April 2016
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President's Corner It's Business Time Communication Survey
Executive Success Teams Mini-Course Monthly Luncheon
Executive Success Team Spotlight Community Service Notes to A Younger Me
Social Media - Facebook Scholarships Volunteer
New and Renewing Members Thank you to our 2015 Sponsors
President's Corner

Jennifer Dormer

Spring is here. As I drive my one hour commute to work (and back home) each day, I get plenty of time to see the beautiful wild flowers growing and all the green trees and grass along the highway. It reminds me that spring is a time for new growth and opportunities.

The other day I found a packet of sunflower seeds that had been sitting in a drawer for several years. I thought about how pretty sunflowers would be right now with the days being so warm and mild. I grabbed a big planter, put soil in it, scattered the full packet of sunflower seeds (hoping at least a couple would sprout) and thoroughly watered the soil.

I looked into the planter every day for five days and started to think the seeds must have been too old to sprout. Then on the sixth day, I just looked over in passing since I was sure they wouldn’t sprout and I was very surprised to see three sprouts. Then the next day there were fifteen sprouts! Now I have to figure out where to plant them in my backyard because the planter is too small for that many sunflowers.

When thinking about EWTG, our organization is a lot like spring and those sunflowers. We are like spring because we offer many different opportunities so members can grow in their careers and in their personal lives. We are like the packet of sunflowers because we have been around for many years but we continue to blossom and grow as an organization. For example, our conference this November will be the 30th anniversary of EWTG Annual Conferences.

And while I am talking analogies, EWTG is like the planter. EWTG started in 1984 with just six women and a vision (the planter) and now we are up to 400 strong memberships (the backyard).

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. - William Morris

Jennifer Dormer
2016 EWTG President

business time....

The President’s Updates for Members

By-Laws update

Thank you to all the members who participated in the vote for the By-Laws amendment on March 23rd. We had 35 members turn in a ballot vote.  The final result was 35 yes and 0 no. The amendment passed.

The new sentence in the By-Laws is as follows:

Article XIII: Quorum: Section Two: A quorum of the Board of Directors shall be a majority of the officers.

The amended By-Laws can be viewed on our website.

Advisory Committees

Next month, I will be putting together two advisory committees: Scholarship Advisory committee and Affiliates Advisory committee.

An Advisory committee is directed by the President and composed of members who act as a sounding board and provide input (with past knowledge of the organization activities and/or guidance/ideas for future organization activities).

If you are interested in participating as a committee member on either, or both, of these advisory committees, please contact me at

communication survey

The Communication committee would like to thank those who took the time to fill out their survey. We had close to 100 responses. We will be reviewing the results and responding in next month’s newsletter. We look forwarded to reading your comments, so we may serve you better in all communication areas.

The Communication Committee

executive success teams

Executive Success Teams (ESTs), the major component of EWTG’s peer mentoring program, are one of the favorite benefits of being a member of EWTG.

Teams consist of groups of five to seven women who meet regularly to learn with and from each other in an open, relaxed, and confidential environment while developing and expanding their EWTG network.  Team members commit to meeting throughout the year to support each other in personal and professional development.

Each group sets their own team rules for meeting, including the time, place and agenda. Meeting times can vary: lunch, after work, or weekend. Most groups meet monthly.  Some teams have professional topics of interest, while others are more social in nature, and many cover a mix of professional and social activities. Each group offers an enjoyable and relaxed way to get to know other EWTG members in a small and supportive setting.

Gain clarity on what you want to accomplish in your career and life in 2016!

April 13, 2016 at 11:30 a.m.

Alicia Terry, Founder & Owner of Idea Haven, LLC
Make plans to attend the EWTG mini-course on Wednesday, April 13, at 11:30 a.m. Our guest speaker is Alicia Terry, full-time marketing professional and founder and owner of Idea Haven, a communications training practice that helps women entrepreneurs define, develop, and deliver messages that matter.

Alicia’s interactive presentation, Method to the Madness, will take you through an engaging and insightful process to help you eliminate feeling overwhelmed and become more effective in your career and life.
monthly luncheon
Master Mentor for Women In Tech Leaders
April 27, 2016 at 11:30 a.m.
Chris Makell - Founder, CEO ~ Spark Of Brilliance Consulting

Three practical steps to confidently “know” your value and resilience in the face of change: According to a recent study by Skillsoft, 39% of women identify “executive presence” as a key leadership competency. Executive presence is the ability to project confidence, poise under pressure and decisiveness.

In this highly interactive session, you will define your own “executive presence” by clarifying your value, which feeds your confidence and supports your resilience in the face of every challenge.

executive success team spotlight


Our luncheon speaker this month, Lisa Craven, said that throughout her career, she has tried to surround herself with smart, dedicated women. One way you can do the same is to become a member of an Executive Success Team and get to know personally some of the smart dedicated women who are members of EWTG.

This year we are spotlighting a few of the teams to better acquaint you with what some ESTs are doing. The Shooting Stars have been together for about six months. They meet monthly on a Thursday after work at various locations in Central Austin. Their theme is “Career Achievements and Challenges”. Each member shares something that went really well that month and something that did not go as well as expected that she would like ideas from the other members on how to do differently the next time.

L to R: Shalyn Bridges, Heather Jones, Judy Graven, and Emily Scroggs.

The Shooting Stars

A survey for people who would like to consider membership in an Executive Success Team was emailed the week of March 28. If this may be of interest to you, please complete and submit the survey by April 14. A reception for all teams, both current and new, will be held on Thursday, May 19, at the Mitte Carriage House from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The reception is an opportunity for new team members to become acquainted and to seek ideas for getting started from existing teams.

Submitted by Clare Dyer
President-Elect and Chair of Mentorship Committee

community service

Handbags for Hope

Kudos to EWTG for assisting the Travis County Sherriff's Office - Hand Bags for Hope Campaign. EWTG showed up with bags of bags that will aid Texas Advocacy Project in assisting women in crisis. There were easily over 100 handbags collected at the March Luncheon in addition to agency drives that delivered their hand bags to the Sherriff's Office directly. Special thanks to Chief Deputy Jim Sylvester of the Travis County Sherriff's Office and Josh Kivlovitz, of Texas Advocacy Project for speaking in support of the Hand Bags for Hope at the March Mini-Course and Luncheon.

Community service is alive in EWTG and 200 Easter Baskets were distributed at Huston-Tillotson's Community Easter Egg Hunt. Thanks to the ladies who volunteered to assist in the distribution of baskets.

Submitted by Tamala Fletcher
Community Service Chair

Notes to A Younger Me

“Notes To A Younger Me” Submission Request

The Star is asking for submissions for an article called “Notes To A Younger Me”. You can aspire, inspire, impact, and empower those coming behind you with knowledge you have gained. Do you have a list of things you wish you had known earlier in your career? Is there a desire to help others not repeat some of the mistakes you made during your journey to success? Are there some things you would have done different? Good leaders want you to succeed, but great leaders want you to surpass their achievements.

social media - facebook


Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Why Use Facebook?

There's no denying Facebook is the Grand Poohbah of social media. For as long as humans have lived in communities, people have met at the local forum, pub, coffee shop, or café to listen, talk, sell, buy, see and be seen, share news, and spy. We still do all of that today, but as we become a more global community, we do it in virtual spaces like Facebook instead. Although Facebook started simply as a way for college students to get to know each other, it's grown exponentially to become a place where families and friends can share personal news as well as a forum for conversation on local, national, and global issues. It's where we share a laugh, find a remedy, support a cause, meet someone special, get a job, and find a dream home. About 1.5 billion people have Facebook accounts, and considering there are about 7.4 billion people on the planet right now, that's a pretty good chunk of the population — about 1 in 5.

New and Renewing Members

See Who Joined and Renewed in April 2016!

Quarterly Scholarships

EWTG scholarships are awarded on a quarterly basis to those wanting an opportunity for professional advancement or personal growth. All interested members are encouraged to apply; financial need is not a factor. Take a moment to treat yourself to a course you have been putting off or a conference you would love to attend.

Guidelines for qualifying for a scholarship and applications are available on the EWTG website at Email your 2016 first quarter application to the Scholarship Committee by 5:00 p.m. on March 31, 2016.

EWTG Board Meetings

The EWTG Board holds its monthly meetings at the Mitte Carriage House in Austin on the third Wednesday of each month from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The agenda for each meeting will be posted on EWTG's website by noon on the Monday before the meeting.

A summary of the board meeting minutes is also posted on the website.

Committee Volunteers Needed

Please look over the Committee Descriptions on the EWTG website and consider becoming more active in the organization.

Participating on a committee is a great way to support EWTG, learn new skills and to meet other interesting executive women. As with so many things, "the more you give, the more you get."

Board of Directors

Cheryl Taylor, Editor
Communications Director

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