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Greater Bristol VNA, Inc.

195 Maltby Street

Bristol, CT 06010

860.583.1644 § 860.584.2100 (fax)



President/CEO: Anne Dolson, RN


Free Nursing Assessment Visit, Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Social Workers, Home Health Aides, Homemakers, Companions, Mental Health Nursing, Wound/Ostomy Care, Obstetric Care, Well Child Clinics, Antepartum/Postpartum Visits,  Medicare Certified Hospice Program, Home Infusion Therapy (Antibiotics, Hydration, Total Parenteral Nutrition, Pain Management), Home Telemonitoring, Lead EKG Monitoring, Pulse Oximetry Readings, Health Supervision/Promotion, Bereavement Support Groups, Blood Pressure Screenings, Blood Glucose Screenings, Flu/Pneumonia Program, Bath Service, Speakers Bureau.

Liens - A Revisit With Basics

Robert E. Stine

ICS General Counsel

April 2002 Newsletter

I have noticed in recent times, including at the ICS spring convention, an increase in the number of questions about physician liens that are very elemental. This seemed odd, considering how I have fairly recently written articles on court interpretations of the Illinois Physicians’ Lien Act. Then it dawned on me that the inquirers might be younger practitioners who have not read my writings on the basics of liens. How long had been since I had written such an article? Checking my files, I found that it has been since December, 1992. Yikes! I remember a Board of Directors member suggesting to me that the 1992 article ought to be published every few years for the benefit of new practitioners. Rather than test whether he would have included a full decade in such timespan, here is a reprint of a substantial part of that article:

It is my feeling that the use of physician lien notices is essential in personal injury cases. Since there is no guarantee of first party health insurance coverage, because you may often be called upon to treat patients of little independent means, and because you may therefore be forced to wait a long period of time before being paid for your services, Illinois law has seen fit to provide you with a simple way to legally reserve to yourself a portion of any ultimate settlement or verdict in your patient’s claim against a third party wrongdoer. Your establishment of such a right, however, is not automatic. You must take the affirmative step of sending a statutory notice of your rights to all persons in the payment process. Many physicians fail to send out physician lien notices and, believe it or not, that can cause problems to the patient’s attorney, as well as to the physician. Other physicians send out long, complex and convoluted lien forms, demanding that the attorney sign and return a copy, and other nonsense. Many such forms do not even comport with the Illinois statute. A statutory physician’s lien is not a two-way contract; it is an establishment of a right that you put in place by yourself.

In its broadest sense, the word "lien" is understood and used to denote a legal claim on property. With respect to physicians, the lien is specific in character by being created by statute, and the property to which it attaches is the money paid from a third party to or for the benefit of the injured party (your patient). The Notice of Physician’s Lien therefore communicates your ownership of a portion of the anticipated monies and it alerts each person from whom and through whom such payment flows. Therefore, the notice should be sent to the patient, the patient’s lawyer, the person or entity alleged to have caused the injury, and to the insurance carrier, if known, of the wrongdoing party. This places upon each recipient of the notice the duty of making sure that a portion of those proceeds must ultimately be paid to you, because you have established a right thereto. Failure of those persons to honor your lien can result in your right to a cause of action against any or all of them.

Here are some points worthy of note:

1. The patient does not sign the lien notice. You sign it.

2. Your signature does not need to be notarized nor witnessed.

3. The recipients of the notice (patient, wrongdoer, attorneys, insurance companies) do not sign or return a copy to you. Your evidence of service of the notice is provided by the green card return receipt that you get back from mailing the notice certified mail.

4. The notice should be sent on your letterhead stationery. If this is not possible, be sure to put your address under your signature.

5. A lien does not necessarily protect your entire bill. Under Illinois law, it covers combined physicians’ fees up to one-third of the aggregate amount paid under the claim. Therefore, if the settlement or verdict payment is not large in comparison to the medical bills, you may find your fee protected only to the extent of a pro rata distribution with other physicians. The patient still owes you the remainder of your billing, however, so you are not precluded from pursuing the remainder of your claim directly against him or her.

6. The Physicians’ Lien Act states that the lien shall be for the amount of the physician’s "reasonable charges up to the date of payment of such damages".

7. In exchange for claiming a lien, the physician is obligated under law to honor written requests from the persons served with lien notices to examine the records of the physician and to receive a written statement of the nature and extent of the injuries and the treatment given to the injured person. Failure to comply with these requests can result in loss of the lien claim.

2002 Addendum: A Notice of Physician’s Lien form and related materials may be accessed by ICS members at the ICS website.

2006/2007 Officer Election

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Jackie Townsend is an independent consultant employed by school districts and agencies in the area of special education leadership development, program evaluation and capacity-building staff development for special education program improvement.

Ms. Townsend previously served as Director of Special Education at Region 4 Education Service Center in Houston, Texas. As director, she provided regional and state level leadership for staff development, and special education services and products for school districts, charter schools and child-serving agencies. 


Ms. Townsend received an undergraduate degree in special education from Western Michigan University, a graduate degree in special education from Auburn University and completed post-graduate work in student assessment and mid-management at Auburn University and the University of St. Thomas.  She has served as a classroom teacher, educational diagnostician, special education counselor and district special education director.

Welcome to the SCMA Members Section! 

To access information available to members only, use the navigation system that just appeared at the top of this page.  Listed below are the sections now available to you:

Legislative Information

SCMA e-mails weekly updates to its members on issues affecting manufacturers throughout the legislative session (January through June).  Also, you will find annual summaries regarding the blockage or passage of issues important to manufacturers at the end of each legislative session. 

Member Forums

This section allows members to network and share answers to best practices with other professionals in their field and in their region.  

Membership Directory

This on-line directory keeps SCMA member contact information fresh and up-to-date by allowing members to directly update their contact information.  Here you may find information regarding:

  • staff contacts
  • executive committee/board of directors
  • council, division and committee chairmen
  • searchable database
  • historical index of past presidents and chairmen
  • ethics policy
  • bylaws

Regulatory Activity

This section is a resource center for important documents such as court rulings and opinions, EPA rulings, DHEC rulings, and any other crucial regulatory information.


This page gives members easy access to web sites of regulatory agencies, bodies of the General Assembly, state technical colleges, etc.


Scholarship Information


NE-ACR’s mission includes education of the ADR community.  To that end, we provide scholarships, as finances permit, to those who are interested in attending our conference and other events, particularly those that we sponsor on an annual basis. 


If you wish to request a scholarship, we ask that you put your request in writing to  Because scholarship recipients may be asked to volunteer some time to prepare for the Conference or to lend a hand on the day of the Conference itself, please also note your availability and any particular skills or interests.


NE-ACR does not use specific guidelines or formulas for determining the appropriateness of a scholarship award since the reasons for such requests are so varied that guidelines are generally limiting, rather than inclusive.  Therefore, please feel free to provide us with as much information as you wish to help us determine how to allocate our scholarship funds. 


Required information includes your name, contact information, the dollar amount or percentage discount you are requesting, membership status, reasons for request, and any additional information that will assist the committee in reviewing your request. 


Our goal is to promote greater diversity in the field of dispute resolution.  We wish to ensure there are no barriers to participation in NE-ACR, including its events and programs, on the basis of cost, ethnic background, gender, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, class, or area of practice.

Advertising space in the journal is available.  All journal advertising is reviewed by The USA Body Psychotherapy Journal editor for suitability. 


We accept .jpg or .btm files.

Black and white, full page only - $425.00 (USD) (7.25 in. x 4.25 in.-portrait or landscape)

Payment must accompany artwork.


Spring/Summer Issue - April 30

Fall/Winter Issue - September 30

Contact USABPJ to reserve ad space and have advertising approved.  

The Hotel Del Coronado

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    Introducing ServSafe AlcoholTM

    Proper alcohol service is a responsibility we all share. The consequences of service violations can be serious and costly to your business, so it's vital that your entire staff gets involved to help prevent improper service. That’s why the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association has teamed with Proactive Food Safety Training (PFST) to bring you ServSafe AlcoholTM, a new program developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. ServSafe AlcoholTM gives your staff the training they need to help assure every drink served is a safe one.

    The topics covered in this class include:

    •  Alcohol Law and your responsibility
    •  Recognizing and preventing intoxication
    •  Checking identification
    •  Handling difficult situations
    •  How to develop an incident reporting system

     Who Should Attend?

    •  Bartenders (beginners and experienced)
    •  Cocktail Servers
    •  Food and Beverage Supervisors
    •  Waiters and Waitresses


    You have two options for training

    The Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service is a four hour training class led by an experienced instructor who is certified by the National Restaurant Association. The course material is presented in an interesting and entertaining format. Participants are provided with a ServSafe AlcoholTM workbook as a handy reference tool to use during the class. Participants who successfully complete the class and pass the exam receive a Certification of completion from the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. The certificate is good for three years.

    PFST provides on-site training at your establishment on a day and time that is convenient for you.

    Fundamental of Responsible Alcohol Service course pricing is based on the number of participants. NCRLA members receive a significant discount. You must know your NCRLA member number to receive the discounted class price. If you do not know your NCRLA member number, please call the NCRLA at (800) 582-8750. A deposit of $250 is required to reserve the date for a private class. The balance is due at the beginning of the class.

    # of Participants NCRLA Member Rate  Non-Member Rate
    1 to 5         $575 flat class rate              $748 flat class rate
    6 to 10      $89 per person                    $116 per person
    11 to 15     $79 per person                    $103 per person
    16 to 25     $69 per person                  $90 per person
    26 to 35    $59 per person                  $77 per person

    To schedule a private class, contact PFST at (704) 591-3112.

    Public Classes

    NCRLA Member Rate $79 per person
    Non-Member Rate $99 per person

    For a schedule of public classes click here.


    Search for another member of NCLCCA.


    Are you interested in serving your FPA chapter?  The following is a list of committees that have openings.
    Just contact the Chairperson and find out if it's right for you!

    Audit Committee
    Larry Zapp, CFP

    Career Development
    Gordon Brookhart, CFP

    Chapter Recognition
    Carl Buckner

    Government Relations
    Jack Flury, CFP

    Gwen Gloeckner, CDFA, CLTC
    Matt Stewart

    Public Relations
    Pam Birkenholz

    Strategic Partnerships & Golf Outing
    Matt Kovalcik, CFP

    Want to get involved but not sure which committee is right for you?  Contact:
    Board President
    David Stone, CFP

    Think about how your talents can help make a difference in shaping the future of the FPA of Central Ohio.  Contact one these Board Members and get involved!

    Brenda Measamer

    SHARLYN J. LAUBY, SPHR Sharlyn Lauby is the President of ITM Group, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale.

    Named one of South Florida's "2004 Heavy Hitters in Human Resources," her goal is to help companies take their employee strategy from hiring, firing and administration to utilizing human resources as the marketing department for a company's internal clients. She is currently President-Elect for HR Florida and in the past has held the positions of Certification Director, Volunteer Leadership Director, and Professional Development Director. Sharlyn is also a Past President of the Human Resources Association ofBroward County.

     Sharlyn earned a bachelors degree from the University of Central Florida, and is recognized as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) fromthe Society for Human Resource Management. She has been teaching human resources certification courses for over 5 years.

    Lynn McLeod, Conference Co-Chair, Battelle


    Amy Wright, Conference Co-Chair, CPH Engineers, Inc.


    Paul Looney, Volkert Environmental Group

    Peter Gottfried, Natural Systems Analysts, Inc.

    Tamar Cerafici, CH2M Hill

    Teri Hasbrouck, Pinellas County

    David Full, Environmental Science Associates

    F. Yates Opperman, Colorado DOT

    Jennifer Lundberg, PND, Inc.

    Don Deis, PBS&J

    Darcey Rosenblatt, Environmental Science Associates

    R.C. Wooten, Consultant

    Cynthia Fridgen

    Eddie Wilcut, San Antonio Water System

    Bill Harp, ESRI

    Jack McVaugh, Environmental Tecyhnology & Management

    Jim Melton, Melton Environmental Consultants, LLC

    Brian Moyer, Garcia Innovative Consulting, LLC

    Rick Billings, HDR

    Carol Snead, HDR

    Helene Merkel, Michael J. Baker Jr.

          Provider Meeting Agenda:
          April 19, 2007
          Johnston Public Library

    10:00 a.m.  CMH Waiver Leader Lin Christensen will provide you with updates and changes to the Children's Mental Health Waiver Program

    12:00 p.m. Provider Round Table

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    October 5, 2013
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    October 25, 2013
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    November 15, 2013 
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    November 24, 2013
    Networking Reception

    November 25, 2013
    2013 Annual Conference

    Conference Location:

    Embassy Suites San Marcos Hotel, Spa & Conference Center
    1001 East McCarty Lane
    San Marcos, TX 78666 

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