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2010 Annual Conference Breakout Session Abstracts
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2010 Annual Conference Breakout Sessions

Sessions A1 - A12
Sessions B1 - B12
Sessions C1 - C12

Session A (10:30 am - 11:30 am)

A1- The 90/10 Principle - Session Full
Mary Castleberry, Chief of Staff, System Support Services, Health & Human Services
What is this 90/10 Principle? 10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react.  What does this mean?  We really have NO control over 10% of what happens to us. The other 90% is different. You determine the other 90%. How? Discover the 90/10 Principle! It will change your life (or at least the way you react to situations).

A2- Effective Life Management: Developing Your Personal Strategic Plan
Mac McGuire, PhD, Founding President and CEO, Professor, Author, & Consultant, McGuire & Associates Consulting
In this workshop we will discuss how we can take control of our own lives and plan our development. Subjects include the necessity of mentors, work management, family involvement, tough decisions about careers, and the question, "Are you a prisoner or volunteer at work and in life."

A3- Launch Your Social Media Initiative!
Jon Lee, Policy Analyst, Department of Information Services
Government has been talking about social media for a few years, but agencies still struggle to take the first step. Too many presentations focus on the “what” and not enough on the “how”. Many agencies buy into the idea but do not know how to practically implement and maintain applications that add value to their customers.

A4- Changing Your Mind About Conflict
Angela Carrizales, Training Specialist, Texas Department of Transportation
Have you ever had a conflict on the job or in your personal life?  In this session we will complete the Thomas Kilman assessment to define your conflict mode and increase your effectiveness.  We will discuss ways to handle different conflict situations based on your score and discover how the people you interact with on a daily basis handle conflict.
A5- Chocolate Heals: Life is Sweet
Marcia Williams, Author, President, MWA Public Relations
With both family and health challenges over the last few years, Marcia has put together an exciting and inspirational presentation on taking care of yourself and keeping life in balance. There IS a way to manage work, family, and life while staying healthy in the process. For her "chocolate" heals.  What's YOUR "chocolate"?   

A6- 4 Proven Principles for Getting Unstuck & Getting What You Want
Angela Loëb, CPC, Consultant, InSync Resources
During this inspirational and informative session, you'll learn four proven principles to go for what you want.  You’ll take away:  tips on how to think bigger and see more; techniques to get what you want; practical methods to personally empower yourself. If you're ready to take leadership over your own career and life, then this session will show you how.

A7- Eight Key Drivers of Employee Engagement
Roxanne Gruhlke, Management Training Specialist, Texas Workforce Commission
Employee engagement is not just another fad or buzz word. Research indicates that high levels of employee engagement directly correlate to individual, group, and agency performance in areas such as retention, turnover, productivity, customer service, and loyalty.  In this session, you will learn about the eight key drivers of employee engagement, assess your own environment, and develop an action plan for improving employee engagement in your environment.

A8- Building a Network of Developmental Relations: Why Mentoring is Valuable
Dr. Susan Johnson, Associate Commissioner, Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Dr. Tamela Saldana, Texas Department of Transportation

Instead of searching for that one "perfect" mentor, those who are most effective at managing their careers and personal development cultivate multiple and diverse developmental relationships in an effort to build a "personal board of directors."  Having a range of mentors provides multiple perspectives, different skills and expertise.  We will share our personal story and the reciprocal experiences that have been the foundation for a successful mentoring relationship.

A9- I’m Retired, Now What?
Judy Juricek, President, Attract Your Ideal Retirement, Inc.
Let’s face it most people are obsessed with their 401(k) and retirement accounts.  Unfortunately, they are so focused on money; they forget about their LIVES in retirement.  We all know that person who retires and is quickly bored because they have lost their purpose, their reason for getting up in the morning.  In this session, we will use tools to help you plan your LIFE, not just your money, in retirement. You worked a lifetime as a public servant, plan now to live the life of your dreams in retirement!

A10- Leading Your Way Through the 82nd Legislative Session 
Honorable Cheryl Johnson, Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector
Deborah Giles, Director, Government and Stakeholder Relations, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
Success hinges on our ability to communicate and manage our way through the Legislative Session.  Here is a great opportunity to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Texas Legislature from an elected official and former lobbyist/current agency government relations staff.  This session is guaranteed to keep you laughing!  Priceless war stories will be shared along with lessons learned from both an officer's perspective as well as a state agency government liaison's perspective.  We’ll go from the true basics of how to effectively communicate, answer questions, and educate legislative staff to the tough reality of how perception influences decisions.

A11- Are You Still On Point?
Alicia Terry, Owner, OnPoint Communications and Training
Is your career taking you in the direction you had planned for your life? If not, what are you willing to do about it? Not having a career that adds meaning and significance to your life can lead to a state of misalignment. The tragedy of misalignment is that it can lead you to a destination you never intended for yourself. This is why many people feel stuck and find it difficult to take themselves to the next level. Renewed vigor and excitement about your life and career is most definitely attainable. It's just a matter of getting on point.

A12- Leading and Managing Change in a Dynamic Environment
Amy King, Vice President, Health Information Technology Programs, Northrop Grumman Information Systems
During a time of constant shifts in the workplace, economy and our society; leaders must have an awareness of these changes and be ready to respond with flexible and innovative solutions.  This session addresses several approaches to analyzing and leveraging opportunities to lead your team to success.

Session B (1:15 pm – 2:15 pm)

B1- Meeting Change Head On
Cindy Miller, Staff Development Trainer, Comptroller of Public Accounts
When facing a change, do you encourage your team to join you in taking a leap of faith or force them to go underground? How do we meet change head on to help our employees, when we can't figure out what we need to do to help ourselves? Meeting change head on is deciding how you are going to manage the impact change has on you.  It's showing tolerance of other's reactions to the change, allowing them to express their concerns and encouraging them to take that leap of faith with you.

B2- Good to Excellent: Lessons in Leadership - Session Full
Honorable Cheryl Johnson, Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector
Deborah Giles, Director, Government and Stakeholder Relations, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
Calling all spectacular women!  Join us for a thought-provoking, humorous presentation on what type of leadership is required to achieve greatness. Have you ever been on the verge of a great win only to have someone else take credit for your work?  Any problems dealing with jealousy and those who want to sabotage our careers?  If so, you've come to the right place.  Real-life solutions will be shared as we move from “Avoiding Landmines” to “Success Benchmarks” for creating long-term, sustainable growth for your career.

B3- Communicating for Results:  Improving Relationships, Productivity and Happiness
Anne Pritchard-Grady, Vice President, Strategic Solutions Group
It is estimated that only 15% of our business and financial success is due to technical knowledge, skills and abilities. The other 85% of our success stems from our ability to effectively communicate. The need to do more with less, share an abundance of information, and gain the trust and cooperation of others boils down to our ability to effectively send and receive messages. During this fun and interactive session, participants will learn more about their own strengths and opportunities for improvement through effective communication.

B4- Take Control of Your Life!  Your Destiny in Your Hands! - Session Full
Dokpe Lillian Ogunsanya, CEO, Dupsy Enterprises
Empower yourself, take control of your life and start living your dreams!  Participants will be motivated and inspired to become more assertive and learn to cope with the effects of stress in life. This session is an inspirational and motivation powerhouse!  You will be uplifted and encouraged in a positive direction. Participants will also learn 10 Steps on How to Take Control of Your Life. If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page.

B5- 82nd Legislative Session: The Budget Deficit and Impact on State Employee Health Benefits
Andy Homer, Director of Governmental Relations, Texas Public Employees Association
Porter Wilson, Cheif of Staff, Senator Duncan
State fiscal experts anticipate Texas will face a budget shortfall of around $18 billion. With a deficit this size, the 2011 legislative session will be one of the most difficult in history.  Legislators have difficult decisions ahead and state leaders have indicated cost containment will be their focus with changes to state employee health benefits, across-the-board pay cuts, and employee furloughs being considered.  Professionals in state government should be well informed about the upcoming legislative session by understanding the challenges facing Texas and the potential impact on state agency operations.

B6- Achieving Balance in Your Finances and Life Session Full
Christine Breck, President, Texas Wall Street Woman
Rather than try to be inclusive on the financial planning which is an exhaustive topic in itself, I will present the basics.  Teach you to educate yourselves and become more savvy consumers of financial advice. Financial planning and money management are a fine art and great execution can be difficult. For instance, Warren Buffet can very easily explain what he is doing, although to match what he does is difficult. Bernie Madoff was all about the black box - trust me approach, and we all know how well that ended!-

B7- Navigating Change
Laura Johannsen, Team Leader, Management and Staff Development, Texas Department of Transportation
Issac Asimove said, "The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change; that is the dominant factor in society today”. He might as well have been talking about today's environment in state government. When people experience change they embark on a three-stage transition process to navigate the change.  This interactive presentation will spotlight descriptions of the stages including tips and strategies to successfully traverse each phase. 

B8- A Time for Greatness
Yvonne Howze, Section Director, Department of State Health Services/Health Information and Vital Statistics
This workshop will be a hands-on, fun workshop designed to provide leaders with the most current information on performance excellence.  Participants will learn new tools, engage in a variety of activities, and be able to select an appropriate tool for getting the results and desired outcome for their personal and organizational greatness.

B9- Do You See the I in Leadership?
Lisa Bargsley, Co Owner Sage Speaking
Are you an Inspiring Leader?  Do you use your Imagination?  Do you cultivate Ideas?   Do you bring Innovation?  Being an Inspiring Leader is about knowing yourself, knowing what you want to accomplish and knowing what you choose to leave as a legacy.  In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the characteristics of a self-differentiated leader and the concept of systems thinking. Mind mapping and a decision making model will be presented and practiced as effective tools.  By the end of the workshop, the “I” in Leadership will be yours!

B10- Using Mass Career Customization to Build the Corporate Lattice Organization
Anne Taylor, Vice Chairman and Regional Managing Partner, Deloitte, LLP
Sweeping changes in the way we work, live, and build careers are not just on the horizon. They are here and here to stay.  The norms of today's workplace have their roots in the industrial age and are reflected in the one-size-fits-all model of the corporate ladder. But today, organizations are flatter, work is more global and virtual, and careers are not linear.  Learn to navigate the transition from ladder to lattice, in part by using the innovative tool called Mass Career Customization.

B11- Becoming an Extraordinary Leader
Gigi Edward Bryant, Chair, Department of Family and Protective Service Council
Leaders wear many hats, but the best fit is one that is molded for the position. Becoming an extraordinary leader requires molding.  Molding of character considers the experiences gained and received from followers, spectators or adversaries.   There are those who believe that leaders are born and no matter what the circumstance, they overcome and never look back. Learn about the ten characteristics of becoming an extraordinary leader through the molding process.

B12- Smile - Even if You're Not on Candid Camera! - Session Full
Merrie Spaeth, Speath Communications
It's not just what you say and how you say it. Are words really only 7 percent of what influences a listener? Learn the rules for eye contact and facial expression and whether body language really telegraphs what you're thinking. You'll also get tips on why it's important to use props and how PowerPoint can hinder a presentation.

Session C (2:45 pm – 3:45 pm)

C1- Demystifying Social Media
Nettie Hartsock, Prinicpal, The Hartstock Agency and Jennifer Hill Robenalt, Robin Hill Media Company
In this session the focus will be a plethora of social media tools available and how to best pick and choose the ones that will for today’s powerful leaders and their organizations. We will also focus on dissecting some of the myths that exist about what social media can and cannot do. Examples will include acceptable usage of Twitter,, Facebook and blogs.

C2- Worst Case Scenarios-Communicating in Crisis
Jeff Hahn, Principal, Hahn Texas
“A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boot on.” -- Mark Twain. This workshop will focus on techniques leaders can use to deliver positive messages to any audience, even in the face of a negative situation. An emphasis is placed on the importance of being proactive. Several recent crisis communication examples will be used to support the workshop conversation.

C3- Building Toward Retirement
Vicki Byrd, VP and Branch Manager, Austin and Austin NW Branches, Charles Schwab & Company
Concerned about your retirement?  Learn steps you can take today to help prepare for a comfortable retirement, even in changing market conditions. This workshop will help you determine your retirement savings goal and develop a tax-smart investment strategy designed to achieve it.   

C4- Generations in the Workplace
Kathy Gromoll, CCP, CEBS, CMS, SPHR, Led Faculty at Austin Campus, University Of Phoenix
In a multi-generational workforce misunderstandings occur all the time. Now imagine how challenging these collisions can be for managers charged with motivating and managing up to four generations in the workplace. We will analyze factors like age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, educational background and thinking styles using Myers Briggs profiles to understand each other better.

C5- Start With the End in Mind
Allison LaMarr, President, Driven, Inc
As women we have a desire to reposition ourselves for success so that we can build our dream life.  Our two major motivators are to provide a life we love for our families, and to give back to the world around us.  But the struggle for balance can stop us dead in our tracks! We must believe that it is possible to beat this battle, and we need a clearly defined, practical strategy.  This session will discuss how to create a life you love, to get rid of the stress replacing it with hope, to develop clarity and fulfillment. 

C6- Equalitarian Approach: Women’s Influence in the Culture of Organizations
Ananda Moss, LCSW, LCCA, Director of Quality Assurance, Southwest Key Programs
Liz Cohen, LCSW, JD, Private Practice

From organizational culture to supervision styles, women have had a profound influence on the workplace over the last 30 years. As the generational landscape has shifted, so has the emphasis on Emotional Intelligence. This workshop will examine the new landscape in the workplace while enhancing the skills necessary to fully embody this Egalitarian Approach.

C7- How to Identify Great Leaders
Charmaine Swanevelder, Business Development & Managing Consultant
Leaders are critical to the success or failure of organizations.  Only with strong leadership, can we provide direction, motivate, imbue a sense of commitment and passion across any company and ensure success.  Presently the turbulent economy, leadership concerns, bench-strength and anticipated talent shortages are propelling companies to refocus their energies around “talent management”.  We will discuss what leadership means today and how to assist in developing tomorrow’s great leaders.

C8- Coaching for Success
Anne Pritchard-Grady, Vice President, Strategic Solutions Group
Multiple studies have indicated that most employees leave or feel dissatisfied with their job due to their relationship with their immediate supervisor. The ability to effectively coach and provide feedback is a major tenant of leadership success. This session will target specific skills, behaviors, and attitudes necessary for successful coaching. Participants will learn how to define and clarify expectations, give and receive feedback, and leave the session with tools and strategies that may be utilized and implemented immediately.

C9- Investing In the Bank of You: Strategies for Increased Personal Success Today
Patricia Hayes, Owner Hayes Consulting Group
As we look around our world today, there continues to be a dreary economic outlook.  The very foundation of our banking system has been shaken to its core and we have been subjected to one of the worst recessions in modern times.  But when it comes to the Bank of You, the recession does not apply, regardless of the financial conditions in the world around us, it is always safe to invest in your bank!  This session will help to refocus our goals and dreams and help us build a strong personal foundation regardless of our current situation.

C10- Budgeting Decisions by Design:  An Essential Skill During Uncertain Times
Stephanie Nestlerode, Founding Partner, Omega Point International
Government leaders live in a world of chronic uncertainly where caseloads are increasing as resources are shrinking.  The budgeting process is where the rubber meets the road.  Balancing the divergent interests of clients, staff, legislators, taxpayers, contractors and communities requires a decision making process that is strategic and focused, yet collaborative and transparent.  Creating positive results requires a robust mix of competence, creativity, courage, compassion and confidence.  In this highly interactive session, leaders will receive a roadmap for delivering value in the budgeting process.  Participants will have the opportunity to explore specific techniques involved.

C11- Humor As a Leadership Skill
Merrie Spaeth, Spaeth Communications
Don't tell this presenter you're not "naturally funny." She believes humor is just one more skill, and executives need to learn how to use it. You'll learn how humor can defuse a difficult situation, show you're accessible; create a productive work environment and much more.

C12- The Top 10 Mistakes Women Make in Networking
Marny Lifshen, Speaker and Author, Marketing Communications Consultant
The goal for this presentation is for you to leave with a clearer understanding of why networking is such an important part of our careers; a set of steps we can each take to integrate regular (yet strategic) networking into our lives; and the confidence to move forward with a plan that relates directly to our own goals, strengths and personalities.


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