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2018 Annual Conference - Workshop Abstracts
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Click on each session below to reveal the list of workshops and speakers.

A1 - Creating a Leadership Culture
William Kuntz - Retired Executive Director, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation


House Bill 1685 of the 76th Legislature proposed that TDLR be abolished and the 14 licensing programs be transferred to other agencies. The new executive team was faced with legislative displeasure, an ill- served licensee base, and employees who felt dissatisfied and defeated. The transformation of the culture was a continuous process of trying, failing, reflecting, and learning. New managers often fall into the trap of believing that they know or must know all the answers. When you, alone, attempt to solve all problems you; (1) deprive subordinates of learning opportunities, (2) fail at time management and (3) often make sub-optimal decisions. Collaborative problem solving is more effective in the long run. Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness, for the executives/supervisors. Don’t fear acknowledging that you don’t have all the answers, model vulnerability. Additionally, for your subordinates/employee’s, make it safe to fail, and give them positive feedback. A culture of purpose is created by focusing a clear beam of signals that focus on where you want the agency to go. High purpose environments are not created overnight, they develop as the group navigates its problems together and evolves to overcome the challenges. Share your vision.


A2 - Texas Tuition Promise Fund® and ABLE® Programs
Maricela Arce - Outreach Specialist, Texas Tuition Promise Fund®


Learn about the Texas Tuition Promise Fund, the state's prepaid college tuition plan. Visit for more information.


A3 - Permission to Rest
Elia Moreno - Director of Community Engagement, Cal Farley's


It doesn't matter how many credentials you hold, how skilled your are or what program you have in place. You can not serve successfully, teach effectively or influence people in a positive way, when you are fatigued. This interactive session will allow you a better understanding of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and the importance of self-care. You’ll leave with strategies that allow you to avoid compassion fatigue, improve your coping abilities all while canvas painting. Learning to rest long enough to recover will allow you to continue to offer the very best at work, in community, and at home.


A4 - Leadership Ally for Diversity and Inclusion – AHRMA/SHRMA Certifiable
Angela Shaw - President Elect, Austin Human Resources Management Association


Discuss how Diversity and Inclusion are important at every level of the organization and how anyone can be a leadership ally for the initiative.

  1. Definition of Diversity & Inclusion and Leadership Ally
  2. Why Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Allies are needed
  3. Positive and active leadership ally behavior approaches


A5 - You Want ME to Change WHAT??!! Becoming a Change Leader in the New World of Work
Julie Burch - Professional Speaker and Author, Julie Burch Speaks!


Change is happening at breakneck speed: the competition is tougher, the customer is more sophisticated, margins are shrinking, entire industries are disappearing, and everybody is downsizing—trying to do more with less. In this dynamic, highly interactive, and enlightening seminar, Julie Burch will show you how to keep ahead of change, not just keep up. Julie will help you to see that change is a constant, so we MUST embrace it to succeed. In this dynamic, high energy, and highly interactive session the audience will get ideas and techniques to succeed at the change game and so much more! Julie will entertain them and educate them! They will leave with solid, real world techniques they can apply immediately to handle change like a pro! The audience will learn: To Identify and Master the 3 Key Areas of Change, Why Change is a Constant in Today’s Business Environment, and How to Embrace it Master the 3 Areas Where You Have the Power in the Change Process


A6 - Breaking Barriers: Collaboration Between Departments
Shahara Wright - Business Law Attorney and Business Strategist, The CEO Effect, LLC


Most department leaders will say that the C Suite doesn’t care if departments work together. However, managers know that it is necessary to complete the work that needs to be done. It often seems like it is impossible because of distrust and suspicion between departments. However, a company can only survive if a culture of communication, transparency and collaboration are embraced. Departments that struggle (or make no attempt) to cooperate with each other lead to product delay, budgetary problems and the destruction of company culture. Departments end up competing with one another and no longer seek to improve the company, but themselves. Collaboration is not about projects, but working toward a common goal and outlook for a better future. A future where everyone benefits. Learn How Team leaders can encourage communication • How to create a collaborative process • How to work through mistakes and pitfalls • How to cultivate mutual understanding.


A7 - Why Toastmasters' Communication and Leadership Program Works
Marva Bennett - Area Director J63, Toastmasters International


Creating a working approach where communication is essential to great leadership.

  1. Exploring why and how communication is essential to leadership.
  2. Revealing Toastmasters' Successful program value points.
  3. Overcoming challenges of Public Speaking.


A8 - Project Management: Top Competitive Advantage for High Performing Professionals and Organizations. – PMIA Accredited
Sandra Jackson - IT Project Manager, Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Benjamin Anyacho - Project Manager, Texas Department of Transportation


Share with professionals the value of project management as the new competitive and comparative advantage for high performing organizations and professionals. Understand the value of project management; analyze the trends and opportunities; embrace practical applications.


A9 - Zero In: Identifying Your Best Leadership Practices
Tracie James - Leadership Strategist, T. LaMorne James Enterprises, LLC


Effective strategies to (1) build a foundation of trust (2) delegate and develop your team and (3) create a high performance culture.


A10 - Smart Gov - NextGen Citizen Services to Connect With Local Governments
Bala Raghuraman - Managing Partner, Probosys LLC


Gartner says citizen engagement is critical to the success of smart cities. How can we help our local administrators move in that direction? Be aware of the newest trends in improved smart city / county management, Learn what other local governments are doing to come up with a strategy for a Smart, Connected Government, Learn about options available to engage Citizens better


A11 - Introverts can Network too
Marie Cohan - Program Manager, Texas DIR


Are you a wallflower at networking events, or cancel at the last minute due to a rising panic at meeting new people? Do you tend to be more of an introvert than an extrovert? If so, this session is for you. It's okay that these types of social interactions are challenging, but the affect on your career is not okay. Learn how to slowly step into the spotlight and meet other professionals so you can grow your network. Learn how collaborating with others can open doors and increase your knowledge. Learn how strong you can be when you reach outside your comfort zone and face your fears. This session will help you grow professionally and personally, will improve your communication skills, and will conquer those fears that are holding you back. I learned several years ago that my fears were holding me back in my career. Tired of being stuck, I decided to leap into the arena and it has been a wonderful experience. I'm not an extrovert yet, but I'm a happy ambivert and I'd like you to join me.


A12 - Liftoff: Overcoming Barriers to Professional Development
Reggie Walker - President, RM Walker Training & Faciitation, RM Walker Training


Do you feel “stuck” and uncertain about how to get un-stuck in your career development? I will give you at least 10 specific tactics you can use to improve yourself and strengthen your contributions to your respective agencies. Participants will become motivated to take responsibility and control of careers • Identify barriers to their success inside the agency • Determine 3 major factors in career progression • Discuss your own strengths and how it has helped you progress • Discuss your own challenges and how they have impacted your progress • Identify at least thing you can do immediately to chart a new destination.


B1 - Finding Your Leadership Voice
Larry Hawkins II - CEO, Co-Founder, Hawkins Development Group, LLC


True leadership is shown independent of the position that you hold. True leadership is what you do with what you’ve been given. To walk your leadership journey with confidence, it’s imperative that you have a firm grasp of your leadership voice. Your leadership voice includes what you say, how you say, and how you engage those around you. In this session attendees will explore their natural leadership style, define their personal leadership principles, as well answer three questions that will dictate their leadership voice in any situation.

  1. Discover and define their natural leadership style according to Kurt Lewin’s leadership styles.
  2. Identify and articulate the differences between a manager and a leader to help define their personal leadership principles.
  3. Answer the three questions that will influence their leadership voice for any given situation.


B2 - Executive Women Wellness
Alexis Schminke - Fitness Specialist, Texas Department of Public Safety


Introduce evidence-based methods which increase health and longevity, along with offering resilience techniques to help address and deal with common stressors in life.

  1. Learn easy and healthy nutrition swaps to replace processed and sugary foods to gain energy and better performance
  2. learn various types of stretches and exercises that can be completed at a desk or the gym, which only take a few minutes
  3. Learn different techniques to help manage stress, sleep better and be more mindful in a fast-paced world.


B3 - Navigating Change… and Enjoying the Ride
Robin Dochen Atwood - Innovation, Planning and Evaluation Consultant, Health Institute, Inc.
Jennifer Bloom Greenberg - Health Institute, Inc., Poet-Singer-Scholar


Today’s complex and rapidly changing environment requires people to be flexible, adaptable, and energized. Understanding some basics about our internal "operating system" can help to navigate professional and personal relationships, ease pressure and stress, and enhance leadership capacities. This session will create space to explore something you are working on personally or professionally through the lenses of neuroscience, complexity, and mindfulness. Learn and apply strategies that you can put into action immediately to help guide your thought processes and actions, while also improving your ability to communicate with others… and perhaps find some joy along way. Learning Objectives: At the end of the session, participants will:

  • Describe basic components of the brain and how they influence actions and reactions.
  • Explore a new perspective on an existing challenge.
  • Articulate an approach that they will apply to an existing or future project.


B4 - It’s Elemental, My Dear Executive! The Essential Characteristics of An Ethical Leader
Toya Cirica Bell - Deputy Chief Ethics Officer, Texas Health and Human Services System
Denise Davis - Partner and Davis Kaufman, PLLC


Today’s leaders are often faced with difficult situations that require unquestionable leadership through the thoughtful exercise of situational and behavioral ethics. What makes these leaders standout and how can you develop the necessary skills to be a beacon for those you lead? Join us as we explore the elemental character traits that are the hallmark of an ethical leader. Explore a periodic table of essential character traits of ethical leadership. Participate in an interactive discussion about how these traits drive ethical decisions in various contexts while learning how to apply ethical principles to everyday workplace situations. You will discover how embracing these traits will enhance your leadership competency as you become a more inspiring and influential leader.


B5 - Own the Interview: Land The Offer! - AHRMA/SHRMA Certifiable
Juanita Baldwin, SHRM-CP, PHR - Recruitment and Internship Coordinator, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)


Job interviews can be intimidating for even the most experienced candidate. How to prepare? What to reveal? What landmines to avoid? How to finish strong? This interactive session will enable participants to view the interview from a hiring manager’s perspective to:

  1. Dissect a job description for valuable clues
  2. Identify manager’s “pain point”
  3. Prepare behavioral interview responses
  4. Develop an engaging narrative on the value you bring to the organization
  5. Get the OFFER!


B6 - "Effective Leadership Prevents "Me too" From Becoming "Et tu"
Paul Hash - Managing Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C.


How to best protect your organization against harassment claims and how to best address those claims should they arise so as to limit liability.

  1. How to adopt and disseminate policies designed to prevent workplace harassment.
  2. How to investigate claims of harassment once they arise.
  3. How to adopt appropriate remedial action so as to reduce legal liability.


B7 - Why You Should Put Yourself First
Brenda Grays - Program Coordinator, Texas A&M Extension Services (TEEX)


The only way to get what you really want is to let go of what you don’t want. Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth. If you do not love yourself, you will not attract the love you want. If you are not kind to yourself, others will not be kind to you. Whatever it is that you believe about yourself is what the world, and the people around you, will offer you.

So many of us invest a fortune making ourselves look good to the world, yet inside we are falling apart. It’s time to invest on the inside. Start doing the work on how you feel, not just how you look. The rewards are far greater. Have faith. The Universe has your back.

If you are afraid to take a chance, take one anyway. What you don’t do can create the same regrets as the mistakes you make. Change is scary and can even seem hard. But it’s far better to try and perhaps even fail, then to live with regret.

I now know that nothing in my life will change until I change the way I see my life and myself. If you want to make a change in your life, you have to start with yourself. There are no pass outs, no handouts and no shortcuts. It can be uncomfortable to admit to yourself that maybe you don’t like who you see when you look in the mirror but doing so opens up the opportunity for the greatest gift you could ever give yourself: Self-love.

Make a start on loving yourself today.


B8 - Take Your Place at the Leadership Table - 3 Critical Ways to Boost Your Confidence, Professionally and Personally
Darlene Templeton - CEO and Founder, Templeton & Associates LLC


Studies have shown that women are less self-assured and confident than men as a rule. As women, no matter where we are at in our lives, we all struggle with confidence. • Do you feel overworked and overwhelmed? • Do you feel that your voice is not being heard? • Do you wake up in the middle the night anxious, concerned and worried that you don’t deserve your success? • Do you always feel that you could have done better, and are you critical of yourself? • Do you feel that everything you do must be “perfect”? • Do you not take credit for your accomplishments/success? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then this workshop is a MUST for you! Darlene will share with you her proven confidence formula that has worked for her in the business world for many years! She will give you the tips, tools, and strategies to boost your confidence and help you accomplish your goals and your dreams! Darlene started at IBM with no training and no degree, and she learned very quickly that confidence, self-awareness, and self-promotion are critical to success, both personally and professionally. In this workshop you will learn how to own your own success, how to talk about your accomplishments and self-promote, you will be more confident in your own skin, and create an action plan to truly step into your own AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT self! In this interactive, fast pasted workshop, you will learn tips, tools and strategies to:

  • Maximize your productivity
  • Have your voice heard
  • Learn how to self-promote and own your career and your success


B9 - Texas Legislature Leadership
Steve Bruno - Government Relations Officer, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation


We will spend the hour discussing leadership though the lens of the Texas Legislature. Going beyond the overall summaries, we will examine the inner workings necessary to keep the Texas House and Senate functioning during a legislative session. We will focus on the leadership qualities and characteristics of legislative members while exploring the following questions:

  • Are leaders born or made?
  • Can I be a leader?
  • Does my title make me a leader?


B10 - Effective Performance Management: Confidence Through Precision
Vic Parrish - Program Specialist V, Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General


To improve supervisor and manager ability to increase employee productivity and ensure expected workplace behavior.

  1. Learn why so many attempts at managing poor performance fail
  2. Learn how to target specific workplace performance and behavioral issues, both positive and those needing improvement
  3. Learn how to use specific and unambiguous language to most effectively confront problems in performance and behavior.


B11 - Transformational Impact: Creating a Culture of Diversity within Organizations
Sheila Craig - Associate Commissioner, Health and Human Services Commission


In today’s professional environment there is a linear culture that many of us assimilate to in order to survive and thrive. As a result, there is limited diversity of ideas, cultural norms, and creativity, and we can lose our humanity in the process. We continue to do the same things and expect a different result. This workshop will discuss how leaders can improve their systems by transforming the internal culture of the organization. Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand Institutional Culture
  2. Understand diversity and how it can be incorporated into organizations
  3. Discuss how transformation through inclusiveness and diversity impacts and improves organizational outcomes


B12 - "Public Speaking WON'T KILL you" (Reveal Your Public Speaking Power)
Jori Mundy - Director, Health and Human Services Commission


Finding your power as a public speaker can be one of the most fulfilling and exhilarating discoveries a professional seeking career advancement can make. Unlocking this capability can potentially open the floodgates to opportunities for promotions, increased credibility, visibility and just plain admiration. Often times, this distinctive skill can be invaluable setting you apart from others. Most people may not realize they do in fact have the ability to speak publicly but may require adequate tools to evolve as a successful public speaker. Are you ready to reveal your POWER to reach your full potential as a speaker? In this workshop, “Reveal Your Public Speaking Power,” you’ll learn how to develop an effective presentation, techniques to overcome fear and nervousness, and key public speaking tips to WOW an audience- whether it’s executives, fellow colleagues or family. Learn how to reveal YOUR PUBLIC SPEAKING POWER from an Award Winning Public Speaker.


C1 - Transforming into the YOU Leader!
Tonya Hofmann - CEO & Founder, Public Speakers Association


Leadership is developed not only through external achievements but the internal ones which are those that decide if you actually accomplish your goals, your dreams, your total happiness. Tonya will walk you step by step through how to create a win-win scenario for your outer You and Your Inner You, the Team You and the Mentor You… all the Yous that make up someone amazing. Get ready to create an instant change that will set you on the ultimate path to achieve your perfect 2019! This training program will enable you to…

  • Learn to challenge yourself a little each day
  • Build relationships that create opportunities
  • Unlock your own personal success driven you
  • Release stress and achieve more
  • Become a recovering perfectionist
This is a very easy to follow, work and achieve program that will forever give you the real tools, the real information and the real exercises to take the big steps forward to developing the career and personal life you truly desire!



C2 - Managing Complex and Complicated Projects--Engaging Difficult Stakeholders -PMIA ACCREDITED
Benjamin Anyacho - Senior Project Manager and Strategist, Leaders and Thinkers International


We all manage projects at home and work, but the crux of the matter is managing complex and complicated projects and stakeholders in a politically charged or toxic environment. The most important key project objective is stakeholder satisfaction. There is no such thing as a successful project that does not meet and exceed stakeholders’ expectations. Why do stakeholders jilt or leave you in the lurch after initial buy-in? • Lack of political intelligence • You need to appeal to human nature to drive adoption of new processes and tools • Organic or top-down approach to change isn't working! • You are not their top priority • Buy-in is not engagement. In this interactive and action-packed workshop, participants will learn how to effectively engage difficult stakeholders in complicated projects and hostile and politically-charged environments. I shall cut through the clutter to deliver to you practical tools to navigate through the murky waters of workplace politics. These principles are based on successful, real-life projects, using some of the best research in persuasion science, leadership, and management. In this workshop we will focus on practical applications—use of continuous buy-in principles, “Gratitude Altitude,” personal Net Performance Score (pNPS), “Pre-assignment @ charter” and shared ownership, political intelligence and leverage, managing up, participatory design principles, and more. Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and define how a high personal Net Promoter Score (pNPS) can distinguish them as superior leaders in a politically charged environment
  2. Identify continuous buy-in principles to be used as tools for managing complicated projects and stakeholders;
  3. Apply “gratitude altitude,” managing up, pNPS, CBI, and politically intelligent stakeholder engagement principles on their projects immediately.


C3 - Lead from Where You Are
Hallie Duke - Principal, Dr. Duke Consulting, LLC


While executive leaders guide and direct others to achieve an agency’s mission, everyone can serve as a leader no matter where they are in the organization. Whether you’re in a senior position or not, you have the opportunity and responsibility to communicate information effectively to support good decision-making and implementation strategies for successful agency operations. Effective communication starts with understanding the audience and their needs. The roles that executive leaders play in a government agency are unique and uniquely challenging among senior executive roles. This session starts with articulation of perspective on what leaders need from their team, based on over 15 years of experience supporting executives at a large state agency. Next, we will review lessons learned for how to prepare thorough, targeted, and precise information in response to the operational and political demands that agency leaders face every day. We will also highlight how preparing reliable, trustworthy information in support of executive decisions on a consistent basis and then learning from each experience is a powerful professional development skill; the results of applying this skill are gaining greater influence in setting agency direction and strategy, establishing your credibility, and developing your own leadership capabilities. In this session, participants will learn:

  1. To understand the perspective and demands of senior leaders’ roles and how to help them succeed
  2. Applied strategies to use effective communication to influence strategic direction and operations
  3. Applied strategies to build credibility now and the ability to lead in the future.


C4 - Government Contracting: How to Get What I Need
Regina Durden - Owner, Bradshaw Solutions Group


The purpose of the presentation is to take a comprehensive look at the State of Texas purchasing and contracts process and gain an understanding of the importance of developing strong contract requirements and contract monitoring practices. Knowledge in navigating complicated purchasing, contracting, HUB and many other processes and programs.


C5 - Four Building Blocks for Effective Leadership
Diana Garza-Louis - Training Specialist, Texas Workforce Commission


Gallup (Gallup Inc. 2016) has identified four specific building blocks for effective leadership that fulfill employees needs and increase the impact that leaders have on their lives. Those building blocks are trust, compassion, stability and hope. Participants will:

  1. Discuss the four building blocks for effective leadership,
  2. Identify one of the building blocks they want to develop in a small group discussion, and
  3. Using a worksheet, write one action, in each of the building blocks, to increase their leadership effectiveness


C6 - Celebration Time, Come On!
Charlotte Sullivan, Dr., Walk In It Ministries


The objectives of this workshop are to give participants a tool that can be used to energize all groups and teams, an opportunity to identify and celebrate their strengths and learn how to identify and celebrate the strengths of individual group or team members, and provide tools that they can take with them that can be used to energize both extraordinary and ineffective groups or teams. This will be accomplished through interactive participation and energizing discussions.


C7 - How to Overcome Unconscious Bias at Work
LaTonya J. Pegues BOAZ Enterprises


Ever wonder why some of your co-workers who seem to be unprepared, not in-line with expectations in the department, not team players, and yet seem to keep advancing on the job? There are certain biases that cause managers to overlook the bad behavior of some, and hone in on less behavioral “violations” in others. And then there are times when the water cooler conversations can lead to mis-information, cruel talk about others, and tear down the feeling of team in the office and affect productivity. In a time when so many words are being misconstrued and re-defined in society, and in a season when divisiveness is becoming scathingly cruel, it is time to do a self-evaluation to see how well WE are doing. In this session, let's be proactive and determine what, if any, of our biases are, work towards correcting them, as well as learn strategies of how to deal with bias that is targeted our way.


C8 - Managing Up: Leading by Following
Deana Sanders - Project Manager, Austin Water


While it is popular to focus on leadership in the workplace, we are also followers – on our teams, in our divisions, and within our organizations. We implement the goals and priorities set forth by our executives, and we work closely with managers to align our interests with theirs and with the organization. To be successful at this, we must manage up. This presentation will discuss why it is important to be a good follower, key characteristics and behaviors of successfully managing up, and how to manage four types of bosses. The speaker will share personal examples of what to and what not to do based on her career.


C9 - The Structure of Thinking
Penny Crow - Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Brittain-Kalish Group, LLC
Additional Presenter: Christine Kalish - President, Brittain-Kalish Group, LLC


"The Structure of Thinking” Objectives: • Understand why leaders need structured thinking time • Develop tools to rise above the minutiae • Take control of the nightmare to-do list. Research consistently shows that leaders do not spend enough time thinking. In this interactive session, we will discuss why structured thinking can make you more productive, more visionary, and less stressed. We will explore the following:

  • Why is thinking time important?
  • What is the goal?
  • But I think every day
  • What do you think about?
  • Planning your day is different from planning your "business"
  • You might think, but do you really implement?
  • Do you feel guilty when you take time to think?


C10 - Mistakes: A Leader's Greatest Teacher
Misti Hair - Director of Strategic Operations and Professional Development, Texas Health and Human Services Commission - Office of Inspector General


Admitting you’ve made a mistake is never easy, but when you are able to recognize and admit your mistakes you have the ability to grow, learn, and improve your life. Women in the professional world often allow fear of failure to not only limit, but also kill our chances of success. In order to succeed in leadership roles, women must embrace the fact that mistakes and even failures can actually shape us as leaders. The learning objectives of this workshop will teach participants the four types of common mistakes, how to recognize them, as well as give women leaders the arsenal to combat the fear of failure by embracing and learning from their mistakes.


C11 - Workplace Resilience: Stress Makes Us Stronger
Lacy Wolff - Health Promotion Administrator, Employee Retirement System of Texas


Mindset is the key to human performance. This interactive 60-minute presentation is both informative and motivational. Participants will leave with strategies to self-regulate through physical and emotional resilience skills. Utilizing the latest research in mind-body approaches to health, participants will get to see a live biofeedback demonstration and will learn how to improve posture and mood through three simple movements. Participants will practice a breathing technique that can offset the effects of negative emotions and will understand why gratitude should be a daily practice for good health and longevity.


C12 - Take a Walk in Their Shoes: How You Can Help Your Employees After a Workplace Injury
Joann Anderson - Communications Specialist, Office of Injured Employee Counsel


What happens if one of your employees is injured at work? Find out what injured employees face as they navigate the Texas workers' compensation system-including benefits, dispute resolution, and return to work. Learn how the Office of Injured Employee Counsel assists injured employees with their questions and disputes, and how this resource can be helpful for everyone. Gain tips about what you can do as a supervisor to support your injured employee through the process with the goal of return to work. After this session, participants will understand:

  1. What injured employees can expect in terms of workers’ compensation benefits, treatment and disputes.
  2. How the state agency, Office of Injured Employee Counsel, helps unrepresented injured employees with their workers’ compensation disputes, free of charge.
  3. What you can do as a supervisor to help your employee through the process with the goal of return to work.


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