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2017 Annual Conference - Workshop Abstracts
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Click on each session below to reveal the list of speakers.

SOLD OUT A1 - Slam Poetry for Leaders - Compassionate and Confident Leadership
Brian Francis - Executive Director, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Brian Francis, Executive Director by day, poet by night; a man of many words and talents. Mr. Francis will guide the group in a session on how bold leaders can deliver the right words to heal, lift, inspire, create, and release. As leaders, what we say has the power to encourage growth or promote the ability to diminish the negative. Find out how you can use the power of words to motivate others and strengthen your leadership skills.

If you have ever drawn a blank when you pick up a pen, or would simply like to enhance your own art of speaking, don't miss Brian's workshop. This will be an educational, enlightening and exciting event!


SOLD OUT A2 - Leading Organizational Program and Change Management: Applying Industry Best Practices at Government Agencies
Jamie Zerwas - Program Manager at Visa
Liza C. Willmore - Innovation Strategy Manager, RRC

Have you ever been told to bring in the “experts” to make sure our project is successful? Who are these experts? What is the differentiator between you and them? If you own the process, business, and the people, why can’t you lead the effort? Driving strategy is the beginning of any pivotal movement for an organization, and it has both physical and theoretical practices. Program and change management strategies can be effective at any level in an organization if executed properly. Defining an organization’s long-term mission through strategic planning has multiple layers. Having a clear vision, communicating effectively, and staying on track are just a few ways to ensure your project succeeds. In this session, you will learn about real business cases, in both the private and public sectors, where well-defined strategies led to successful outcomes. You will gain an understanding of how to implement small changes that have big and lasting impacts that transform your organization. Handouts of best practices will be provided.


A3 - Delivering customer-centric transparency: High touch and high tech
Dione Albert - Business Operations Project Manager, Texas Department of Transportation
Jessica Butler - Unified Transportation Program Section Director, TPP, Texas Department of Transportation

Today’s legislators and citizens demand transparency from government. That means more than just providing access to data - it often requires bold leadership to restructure information in a way that is easy to understand and meets customers’ diverse needs. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is undertaking an extensive effort to improve their online information tool, Project Tracker. From customer and employee surveys to focus groups to a high-tech user analysis tool, improvements are directly informed by customer needs. Learn more about delivering customer-centric transparency and how to improve online tools in this interactive session using mobile polling technology.


SOLD OUT A4 - What's personality got to do with it? Everything!
Arquella Hargrove - Coach/Consultant/Facilitator, Epic Collaborative Advisors

Do you find yourself asking - why did they do it that way; what are they thinking; I told them to do it this way, and they did something totally different - why? Ladies, if you have had questions like this come up, you are not alone. During this interactive workshop, we will explore the 4 distinct personality traits that we all have using the DISC Assessment, and how to adapt our communication to get what we want and need. It's no longer the golden rule, it is all about the platinum rule - Treat others as they want to be treated


SOLD OUT A5 - Women on fire: Leading fearlessly when the world says not to
Jinnell Killingsworth Lee - Professor of Government, Tarrant County College

In today's polarizing world, women have been portrayed in a negative light. Women have been negatively depicted by politicians, those in the media, and publishers of magazines; however the strength of women is fearless. This presentation offers participants a view of women leaders in spite of the recent battle against women by politicians and the media and focuses on leadership skills that women need to be women on fire! I discuss three elements of leadership based on years of research on women and leadership. In this presentation, I teach women how to 1) Focus 2) Be Fearless and 3) Develop a community of civility. These elements are important in today's time as women need to focus on what they are passionate about, whether it's entrepreneurship or seeking some other type of desired goal. Being fearless means taking risks despite traditional stereotypes that the world sets. Developing a community of civility means showing others how to care for their community. In the presentation, I present statistics and the latest research on women in politics, women in business, and women in other powerful roles. I also use classical leadership theory in a fun way to show how women can lead on fire! My ultimate goal is to engage the audience like they have never experienced before. I like to use an active learning model to get the audience to participate and take ownership of the message.


A6 - The importance of personal branding and social media profiles
Talitha Batts - The Success Coach, Cornerstone Atlantic, Inc.

People of all ages, gender, races, religious and political backgrounds have at least one thing in common...they all need help with the new phenomenon called SOCIAL MEDIA! According to, teens currently spend 9 hours a day on social media platforms and total time spent on social media beats time spent eating and drinking, socializing, and grooming. Unfortunately, most adults are not encouraging teen interaction because they have joined their teens in the social media world. Now, personal brands, reputations, career and professional influence, political character are all being pronounced by your social media standing. An Instagram photo can cause a millennial to lose an opportunity for a lucrative career at a major corporation. A reckless tweet can damage a political reputation forever. Social media is the multi-billion dollar market that has been put in the hands of anyone who wants it without any formal training on how to manage it or increase your opportunities and create positive adverse reaction. Through surveying guests, audience members, workshop participants, social media followers and blog feedback, I have concluded that even though articles have been written showing evidence of individuals losing jobs, damaging prestigious reputations and negatively influencing generations, people continue inappropriate behavior on social media. During my workshops many have asked, “Is it really this serious and will it affect my job application?" Others participants have followed my steps and found things about themselves on-line that they were completely unaware existed. Understanding the importance of personal branding and being able to use all social media platforms to launch your career, professional development, political influence and business is crucial to the success of many generations to follow. Social media platforms are evolving their tools and options that give us the ability to attract and engage new audiences instantly. These tools are great marketing devices that will continue to change the trajectory of job hunting, recruiting, business development and higher learning forever.


A7 - Unleashing your own style of bold leadership
Stacy Duhon - Professional Coach, Stacy Duhon Coaching

There are many leaders out there, but only one YOU. To be a bold leader, you must know what brings out the best in YOU. What Whispers do you need to listen to? What actions will move you toward your vision? And what will you tap into when you need a boost of inspiration and courage? This is a powerful coaching workshop that will allow participants to get clear on the Whisper/Purpose that is driving them, Identify actions that will move them toward their vision and Reconnect them with their strengths/gifts as well as their inspiring story.


SOLD OUTA8 - The five languages of appreciation in the workplace
Denise Messina - Training Specialist, Texas Workforce Commission

Do you ever fantasize about a workplace where everyone is happily motivated and workers connect and support each other? This reality is closer (and simpler) than you might think! Employees who feel deeply appreciated by their supervisor and co-workers are more likely to exhibit these positive traits and share them with others. Experience the “Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace” as described in the popular book written by Gary D. Chapman. Learn your own personal language of appreciation and how to recognize and speak the language of others. This interactive workshop is full of self-discovery and fun. Where else could you learn a new language in about an hour?


A9 - Living intentionally: Permission to rest
Elia Moreno - Community Engagement Manager, Author, Speaker, Cal Farley's, No Excuses University, Communication Across Barriers

As women leaders, we serve abundantly at home, at work and in the community. We understand stress and weariness all too well, but how often do we give ourselves permission to dial back and take time to rest? Sure, we get paid to work hard. Really hard! But as important as it is to serve, we need to recognize when we become fatigued and remember to allow ourselves real rest. In this session, you will learn the meaning of Compassion Fatigue and the importance of Self Care. You will leave with strategies to help you avoid Compassion Fatigue, improve your coping abilities, and explore ways to identify the type of self-care that bests suits you. The goal is to be in a place where we can continue to effectively lead and build capacity with every person we encounter at work, at home and in the community.


A10 - The leadership challenge
Mary Castleberry - Training Manager, Department of Family and Protective Services

With leadership, as with most things in life, experience can be the best teacher, and it’s important to base our leadership practices on the best of what people do-the actions that represent our highest standards. Thus, The Leadership Challenge® Workshop will begin with a discussion of the Personal Best Leadership Experiences of all the participants. During The Leadership Challenge® Workshop, participants will have opportunities to apply what they are learning to a real, current leadership challenge of their own.


SOLD OUT A11 - Be bold and confident in your retirement planning
Sara Glakas - Founder, Black Barn Financial, LLC

Do you know that the state offers a voluntary optional retirement account? In this workshop, we give participants the courage and confidence to take an active role in their retirement planning by demonstrating the advantages of partaking in the state's Texa$aver Program. Participants will learn the basics of owning a 401(k) and 457 account, as well as how to make bold and thoughtful investing choices in their accounts. They'll also learn how even small contributions have potential to grow into big money over time.


A12 - Effective performance management: confidence through precision
Vic Parrish - Policy and Development Specialist V, Health and Human Services Commission, IG Division

This session offers help to managers in improving their skills in managing the performance of their employees through precision and specificity when meeting the challenges of misconduct or underperformance. Topics covered include common errors in performance management, how to get to the heart of performance issues, why wording is so essential, the importance of follow-through, and how to respond to common reactions from resistant personnel. Participants will also learn how to bring about employee responsibility for the plan for improvement in order to increase the employee’s chance of success.


B1 - Performance plans and appraisals - the nuts and bolts
Joelyn Weeks - IT Management Services Special Projects, Dept. of Family and Protective Services
Shannon Kelley – Assistant Director of Health Plan Management in Medicaid/CHIP Services Division, Health and Human Services Commission

Key to successful work teams is developing meaningful performance plans and providing coaching throughout the appraisal period. In this workshop discussion, participants will learn how to craft performance goals to coach, encourage, and/or advance employees depending on the individual strengths of each employee. Participants will also learn the importance of objective and accurate performance assessments and ratings.


B2 - Engaging millennials through mentor relationships for a strategic future
Dave Jobe - Founder, MentorTex
Lindsay Chamberlain - MentorTex

This session addresses the need in today’s world to actively engage Millennials, support their career development, and make them a strategic part of our success. By defining and supporting mentor relationships that align leaders with their credibility, expertise and political capital, and Millennials with their affinity for the digital universe and deep understanding of social communication, today’s leaders build the foundation for a strategic future. Takeaways:

  • How to identify mentee candidates that deserve your valuable time
  • Best practices for mentors to share your hard-earned wisdom
  • Tools to help mentors and mentees set and work toward professional goals



B3 - Transforming business: one project at a time
Carol Buchanan - Director of Contract Oversight and Support, Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Transforming business is a top priority for today’s management professionals for making their organization lean, cutting edge, and efficient. Business transformation is a change management strategy that has the aim to align the people, process, and technology initiatives of a company more closely with its business strategy and vision. This presentation will focus on why to engage in business transformation, how to jump start the business transformation process, and how to align people, process, and technology through project management. At the end of this session, attendees will be able to gain the basic principles of business transformation and acquire key tips on implementing mini transformation projects within their own work environment that will lead to big changes for big results. Together we will transform business, one project at a time.


B4 - Go from expert to authority with social marketing
Jessica Campos - Social Marketing Advocator, Marketing For Greatness

Social media has been revolutionizing the way we communicate for over a decade now. No longer is it a niche corner of the web reserved for millennials. Today, everyone from big brands to health care authorities are using social media to bolster their profile through public engagement. And increasingly, that trend is also shifting the flow of discourse between government bodies and the public. With 2.5 billion users, social media is now the dominant arena for global communications. Naturally then, social media has also become one of the public’s favorite forums for engaging in government and public issues-the allure of which are many fold. Immediate and transparent, social media has provided the public with greater control, participation, and influence over governmental issues and initiatives. From small municipal matters to sweeping revolutionary movements, social media is now very much the de facto voice of democracy. And with or without public sector engagement, citizens around the world are continuing to freely express their opinions towards the governmental issues that surround them. For governments of all levels, attention to this shift is critical. In our workshop, we’ll look at how executives in government can use social media to increase their leadership. We provide a quiz where participants can discover how sociable they are. We expect that participants will increase their level of confidence by learning exactly how to leverage social marketing.


B5 - Who's working with you...AND #what'stheirproblem?
Retha Youell - Risk & Workforce Compliance Manager, City of College Station

The workplace and the workforce are changing as rapidly as technology. With those changes come cultural differences that create a beautiful tapestry of diversity. How individuals view cultural differences can create consonance or dissonance in the workplace. This presentation examines both conscious and unconscious bias and stereotype, and opens a dialogue to discuss cultural diversity experiences without prejudice or judgment. Ms. Youell shares her experience living cross-culturally in Africa and Asia and draws participants into sharing experiences to reach cultural competence.


B6 - When Work Hurts: How to help employees return to work after a workplace injury
Joann Anderson - Communications Specialist, Office of Injured Employee Counsel

What happens if one of your employees is injured at work? Find out what injured employees face as they navigate the Texas workers' compensation system-including benefits, dispute resolution, and return to work. Learn how the Office of Injured Employee Counsel assists injured employees with their questions and disputes, and how this resource can be helpful for everyone. Gain tips about what you can do as a supervisor to support your injured employee through the process with the goal of return to work.


SOLD OUT B7 - Leadership is a Privilege, Not a Right
Amanda Knight - Life Coach, Life Coach Amanda

How are people left feeling after being in your presence, and how do you know? As a leader you have the power to make or break somebody’s day. With just a look, or the tone of your voice, or the words you choose, you can redirect the energy and focus of the people on your team, one way or another. In this experiential session we will explore five ways you may be destroying trust as a leader without realizing it, and five powerful antidotes that will accelerate your team’s engagement and performance.


B8 - Remote team management - we can do this better!
Lindsay Chamberlain - Principal, Chamberlain Solutions

This workshop is focused on helping leaders maximize the benefits of remote teams and open doors to increased accomplishment, commitment and innovation. We will push beyond standard remote team best practices, such as communication, trust, and expectations, and delve into the deeper and more complicated requirements of remote teams, such as connectivity, mutual accountability, and ownership. Attendees will learn how to run more successful remote teams and how to support the remote team leaders they supervise. Takeaways:

  • The keys to remote team relationships
  • How to recognize old-think management and replace it with proven remote team leadership & Tools to increase productivity, engagement and accountability



SOLD OUTB9 - A project manager's approach to life balance
Tanya Skaarup - Project Management Professional (PMP), DIR

It's all about choices and taking action! Have you ever gone through your day and realized you never stopped long enough to (fill in the blank) today!?! As busy professionals, it is important that we don't lose ourselves in doing and giving to others. If you are like me, you look up and it's time to go home and you still have a long list on your "To Do" list - that just continues to grow! During this session, you will learn how to prioritize those things you WANT to do and need to do and learn other methods for getting things 'checked off your list' without you having to lift a hand! We will cover scheduling, negotiating, planning, strategizing and most important -- how to schedule down time and literally do nothing! Hard to imagine, challenging to stick to, yet incredibly freeing to experience!


SOLD OUT B10 - Accelerated achievement formula: How to become unstoppable
Luba Carlson - Achievement Coach, WonderCloset Warrior

The formula to become unstoppable is Focused Intensity over Time, multiplied by Energy makes YOU Unstoppable. In this workshop, participants will learn ten mistakes in time management that cost you a fortune, seven tools to use to have the most impact, seven steps to map out the path to your goal, and three questions everyone should ask themselves before starting the day. We will discuss how participants can maintain focus, which techniques they can apply to help themselves avoid burnout, and what kind of energy they can use to create unstoppable momentum. The participants will be provided worksheets to help them identify their goals, align their priorities, and create their vision. They will also have an opportunity to streamline their workflow and practice scheduling.


SOLD OUTB11 - How to lead like a coach - The importance of involving everyone to reach expected goals
LaTonya Pegues - CEO, BOAZ Enterprises

This interactive workshop will inspire participants to find creative ways to develop their leadership skills and learn how to lead through coaching. There are times when a few highly productive people know how to successfully complete projects on their own or with a few co-workers and do not include the rest of the team along the way. This type of leadership can leave other co-workers feeling left out, ignored, or even frustrated with their jobs. In this workshop, we will motivate attendees to sharpen the existing leadership and coaching tools in their personal toolbox as well as look within themselves to find existing leadership traits they may not have known were there. We will discuss real life examples of what has worked and what has not worked when operating as a team, and we will examine successful strategies and best practices of leadership, coaching, team building, and co-worker inclusion.


B12 - Excuse proof leadership
Tracie James - CEO, LaMorne Enterprises

Many managers do not fully understand what it means to effectively lead and get past the excuses that keep their team from succeeding. Leadership is much more than a position or title. It requires a service mindset and a willingness to build relationships. If you fail to serve and build good relationships, then you not only lose business; you also lose employees. Tracie’s Excuse Proof Leadership program gives you an easy to follow five step system for building a high performing team. Participants will learn:

  • Effective techniques to eliminate excuses from your organization’s culture.
  • Go beyond managing to working with your team and building the trust needed to be successful.
  • Leverage your team relationship to create a more effective process for consistent success.
  • Not only define your goals, but clearly communicate them and get buy in.
  • Learn to delegate effectively and increase your ability to lead and manage.
  • Create an environment that is motivated and avoids the risk of settling or complacency.
You will be clear about what really matters in building a high performing team. You will have the power to lead and guide your team to consistent success. (Companion Book to be released - June 2017)



SOLD OUTC1 - The effective verbal & non verbal communication
Marie Cohan - Financial Compliance & Improvement, Texas Department of Information Resources

Working within many levels of the organization and executive management communication is key to negotiating, teaching, and working with others. Communication is knowing your audience, knowing what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and when to say nothing at all, while supporting your dialogue through body language. Today's world is fast paced and "digital" has become the go-to for communication but it leaves out integral qualities needed to connect with your audience, i.e., eye contact, body language, tone, and relationship building. Being able to sell your message and win trust is an interactive discussion. This presentation will discuss body language, threatening and non-threatening approaches to conversations, and how to deliver your message concisely all while building confidence in your communication style.


C2 - Learning from failure: Exercising courage, confidence and compassion to bounce back stronger
Andre Piazza - Director of Product Marketing, iGrafx

Leaders and teams are becoming increasingly aware that the journey to success increasingly includes moments in which reality does not match expectations. Meanwhile, recent Neuroscience findings shed light on how humans process those situations and open the door for us to act confidently in ways that help us compassionately grow when faced with an inevitable failure. Can we mature our individual and collective emotions to process these situations more freely, learn in the process, and come back willing to perform better as a team? What if we could increase our ability to bounce back stronger from these situations? This interactive, two-way presentation will challenge participants to do just that by covering:

  1. Defining failure and learning
  2. The Neuroscience findings on how humans learn
  3. Strategies to connect and influence others: the SCARF model
  4. The Drama Triangle: 3 roles we often use to tell stories... And the issues involved in those narratives
  5. How cognitive reappraisal can improve individual and team's ability to connect and learn
  6. Leading change using these constructs: failure, insights, patterns, lessons, commitments
  7. A step-by-step process to make all these things happen, graciously



C3 - Self Styled Confidence
Nicole Conway - Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant, Coco's Image

Are you struggling with how to get everything done at work only to discover that there is more to do at home? And somehow you are supposed to "look good" through all of the craziness! Many times as women, regardless of our positions in corporate America, we place “masks” on our faces and silently suffer from low self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. In this interactive session, Nicole Conway will share with you some simple methods of achieving self-confidence, style and most of all self-care. Additionally, you will explore different techniques of a well-balanced life and maintaining a well-rounded spiritual life. Outside of her state employment, Nicole is a plus size model, image consultant/stylist and a new author of the book Coco’s Chronicles: A Daily Dose of Inspiration, where she shares her story of trial to triumph. She has been in the styling business for over 10 years.


C4 - One size doesn't fit all: Building a case for diversity
Kalinda Campbell - Manager, Hiring, Sapient Consulting

The world we live in becomes more diverse every day, and as our world grows and changes, organizations must remain agile and change as well. McKinsey’s research shows that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers and ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to do the same. This workshop will explore the idea of working though our biases as the baseline to our understanding of diversity. Then we'll build on this understanding to discuss inclusion and finally equity. After engaging in this session, attendees will feel more empowered and equipped to have conversations about cultural diversity and to take steps to begin making change.


C5 - Climbing the ladder in a skirt
Sherrie English - Managing Director, Sherrie English Consulting

This workshop focuses on developing skills that help women get where they want to go in their careers. It's an engaging interactive look at the choices we make. Together we examine how we respond to the challenges of being a woman in a male dominated industry and how we can use logic, humor, and soft-skills to make conscious actions and reactions. Most importantly, we will learn the three main skills that women under-utilize and how we can accomplish our goals with more ease and less resistance.


SOLD OUTC6 - Think and act like an executive leader
Connie Williams - CEO/Founder, Organization Advisors, Inc.

There are three things you must master for career advancement: (1) Clarity about your current positional purpose, (2) How to be a leader at your current level, and (3) Develop the right business skills that will tell the story of your organization’s outcomes. Leadership is an important success factor in career advancement at all levels. This workshop will let you experience a leadership tool to help you develop a plan to close your skill gaps. You’ll also learn strategies to “Think And Act Like An Executive-Leader” at every level in your organization so you can have the courage and confidence to master your career advancement!


C7 - Leading with executive presence
Alicia Morgan - Engineer, STEM/STEAM Advocate and College/Workforce Readiness Consultant, Dallas County Community College District

The recent push to increase the number of women on corporate boards must include a discussion of how women can lead with powerful executive presence. Women are dynamic leaders who need to know they are not imposters and can lead well by enhancing their style in three areas of executive presence, which include communication, gravitas and appearance. Join me in this discussion “Leading with Executive Presence.”

  1. Leading with Your Strengths and Values
  2. Mastering Your Executive Presence Organically
  3. Maximizing Human Capital and Social Capital - The Winning Opportunities Combination



SOLD OUT C8 - Get rid of paper lists! Use excel to stay organized with projects, tasks, and time
Margaret Millan - Technical Writer, TxDMV

Excel isn't just for finance folks any more. It's good for you and me. Be confident in what you have to do, by having a good list. (And know what you have done, too.) Excel can be used for: project tracking (team or individual), daily duty tracking, time tracking (one day or whole month), etc. Managers, you can track your cross training and skills this way. Evaluation time? No problem! *Other cool tips to get information to stand out in Excel, as time allows.


SOLD OUTC9 - Seeking balance, finding integration
Yvonne Harris - Inclusion Brand Leader, Capgemini North America

While many professionals seek (or say they are seeking) work life balance, only a small percentage will achieve what they perceive as their optimal balance. In this workshop, participants will be encouraged not to strive for "balance,” but for work life "integration." They will learn to shift the emphasis from equal parts work and life, to the appropriate integration of "life parts" and "work parts," according to the particular season of the participant’s professional and personal journey. Participants will receive practical, actionable advice that will empower them to create the integration they seek, while minimizing distractions and disruptions.


C10 - Self compassion: The antidote to doubt
Shelley Pernot - Owner, True North Coaching and Development

“I’m not sure I have what it takes to get to the next level. No one is interested in hearing what I have to say at team meetings. I should be more organized. I’m always letting little things slip through the cracks. I can’t believe I messed up that presentation so badly. I’m such an idiot!” What are the things you’re telling yourself that are holding you back and keeping you small? Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.” In this fun and interactive session, we will explore the power of self – compassion, tackling limited beliefs, and the often unconscious thoughts that limit us and keep us small. You’ll identify the beliefs that are currently keeping you stuck and learn techniques for cultivating self-compassion, a practice that will set you on the path to success.


C11 - Renewal of the mind
Charlotte Sullivan - Dr., Walk In It Life Coaching

An extensive body of educational psychology research has revealed that our mindset influences the way we respond to life challenges and successes. In this workshop, you will explore and identify your general mindset, the belief points that have influenced it, and how to arrest any unhealthy thinking that may be negatively affecting your professional and personal success. The workshop will include an exercise of personal reflection, presentation of ways to address unhealthy thinking, and active participation. You will enjoy this dynamic session and be better equipped to activate healthy thinking as you continue to achieve your professional and personal goals.


SOLD OUT C12 - Recharge your "BATTERY"- turn on the "POWER"- Happier & Healthier YOU!
Dokpe Ogunsana - Founder/CEO, Dupsy Enterprises - Empowering & Moving People Forward

Give yourself more opportunities to refresh when you are not bombarded with duties and obligations. Everyone at one point or another has struggled with motivation to accomplish or do what we want in life. LEARN TO CLEAR YOUR MIND, STRESS LESS & "RECHARGE YOUR BATTERY" MOVING FORWARD. This inspirational powerhouse and life-changing presentation will explore why some people are not fulfilling their destiny. You will be motivated and empowered to go from where you are to where you want to be. Participants will learn 12 ways to MOTIVATE themselves! "Our thoughts and imagination are the only real limits to our possibilities." You will leave the workshop happy, fully charged, powered on and fired up to take charge and control of your purpose moving forward. Fabulous Door Prizes!


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