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August 2014 Newsletter
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August 2014

In This Issue

1. EWTG 30 Years of Relevance
2. August Monthly Luncheon
3. July Monthly Luncheon Recap
4. July Monthly Luncheon Philanthropy
5. August Mini-Course
6. July Mini-Course Recap
7. Educational Event - Capital Cruise with Shayla Rivera
8. 2014 Woman of the Year Nominations
9. 28th Annual Conference
10. Executive Success Teams Reception
11. What Have You Done Lately to Build Your Career?
12. Get Your Training On Us!
13. EWTG Affiliates Update
14. EWTG Looms Hats for Premature Babies
15. New and Renewing Members


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Board of Directors

Thank you 2013 Sponsors!

Quarterly Scholarships

EWTG scholarships are awarded on a quarterly basis to those wanting an opportunity for professional advancement or personal growth. All interested members are encouraged to apply; financial need is not a factor. Take a moment to treat yourself to a course you have been putting off or a conference you would love to attend.

Guidelines for qualifying for a scholarship and applications are available on the EWTG website at The Scholarship Committee will accept applications for the 2014 third quarter until 5:00 p.m. on September 30, 2014.

EWTG Board Meetings

The EWTG Board holds its monthly meetings at the Carver Library in Austin on the third Wednesday of each month from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The agenda for each meeting will be posted on EWTG's website by noon on the Monday before the meeting.

A summary of the board meeting minutes is also posted on the website.

Tanya Skaarup, Editor
Communications Director

Committee Volunteers Needed

Please look over the Committee Descriptions on the EWTG website and consider becoming more active in the organization.
Participating on a committee is a great way to support EWTG, learn new skills and to meet other interesting executive women. As with so many things, "the more you give, the more you get."

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Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people or organizations through the exchange of quick, short messages. Go to to sign up and start receiving EWTG's updates.


President's Corner 




When Only the Best Will Do!


Teams developed based on strengths performs the best, as each member brings a unique skill to the group. However, few teams function at its best, and impact is more significant when moving into more senior and top level teams. One in three executives have experienced the phenomenon of mismatched members and capabilities in senior level teams.   Poorly constructed teams slow down growth and derail the organization's objective. Here are three key components in building a top-performing team for your organization.  
1. Get the Right Team
Everyone has a talent that is evident and inherent.  The same goes for teams.  The most successful teams consist of talent based placement -- the best in their comparative peers, and the best in their industry. When team focus has fallen sideways, sometimes it takes top level management to assist in rebuilding the focus, faith, and trust.  If, during the discussions, it is found that the performance measurements are misaligned or team composition is not defined, then everyone is at the discussion table to make those changes.  Decide the team's contribution as a whole, build the team around that goal, identify the key players and find more like them.  "One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch." 
2. Specialize the Team, and Have Them Do JUST THAT
Once an executive has identified a team's core competencies and core goal, the deliverable and performance metrics should focus on that.  It is no different than having a podiatrist look at someone's eyes and determine if the individual needing LASIK. Could he possibly make some initial assessments and basic testing of the patient's eyesight? Sure. Could he accurately define the requirements necessary to correct the person's vision, especially if it is surgically required? Possibly.  But is that the best use of his time to conduct the research behind a procedure he has not performed and try for a possible win? Probably not.  He would be much better at performing surgeries for plantar fasciitis. He's done it, he knows it, and he's really good at it.  Identify the specialization, and continue the team on a path doing what they are good at doing.  "A rolling stone gathers no moss."  
3. I’ve Built My Team, Now What? 
As with any developing team or an existing team, team dynamics and processes often change.After identifying core competencies, top player traits, and building specialized teams, and one still experience low productivity, what is to be done?   HELP THEM. When organizations grow, business demands increase. Often times, the business process changes and needs resources to support those changes. It may come in the form of capital resources upgrade, incremental software updates, or increased staffing.  Identify, as a top level executive, your needs and give the team what you can to help.  It may even require some workshops on collaboration and communication to refocus the group and re-establish the foundation in which the organization is built.  Everyone at the table has a part in the organization's success, so everyone is accountable for his or her contribution and knows that the attitude to be on the team is a "choice.”  Help the team recognize that aspect and address the dynamics or processes that are not working and offer support.     
"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” 
― Charles Dickens 
Build the best!
Liza C. Willmore
2014 EWTG President



30 Years of Relevance

Joelyn Weeks, Program Director

As EWTG marks its 30-year milestone this year, many original and long-time members have believed in the importance of a professional development and networking opportunity for women from the beginning until now.  The relevance of the organization is as strong today as it was then.

Yet the faster pace of life in recent years means that people are trying to juggle more activities and often competing demands in the same 24-hour day.  With that in mind, any volunteerism, including EWTG activities or willingness to participate on a committee might fall at the bottom of a to-do list.  Considering EWTG membership or committee participation to foster skills enhancement is one those things where one might say "I can't afford the time", but the statement might be better stated, "I can't afford not to participate."

Training opportunities, leadership positions for women, and job growth has been lean over the last few years.  To fill those voids, an organization such as EWTG provides opportunities for women to learn new skills and development leadership traits.  Opportunities to grow through committee membership are endless.  Skills sets that can be developed include the following:

  • strategic planning and fact-based decision making are required while serving on the board
  • project and event planning skills are honed on the conference committee
  • communication skills along with learning about web site content and social media tools are improved while serving on the communications committee
  • public speaking skills are enhanced on the program and public relations committees
  • budget and finance knowledge is practiced while serving on the finance committee

Name the skill you want to develop and seek to serve on the associated committee.  Both theory and practice are learned while working on the committee.  The results can then be added to a resume to demonstrate continued learning, extracurricular activities, and increased abilities.

State government needs skilled workers and leaders.  State government will thrive with women of diverse backgrounds, talents, and those who believe in continuous learning.  EWTG activities are a way for women to develop those talents and demonstrate continuous learning.  The cost of doing so is time, but time well spent.  As an added bonus, the networking with other members from other agencies is invaluable because of the job growth potential associated with networks.

I encourage you to join and connect with colleagues and state employees from a variety of agencies at the next EWTG Luncheon Meeting and learn more about the mutual benefits of EWTG Membership.


EWTG Monthly Luncheon Announcement

August 27, 2014

Humor in the LBJ White House

Featuring: Barbara Cline, Archivist

LBJ Library in Austin, Texas

Joelyn Weeks, Program Director

"Come as you are" to the next EWTG Luncheon on August 27, 2014. Some of us will be working the skeleton crew on LBJ's Birthday; and others may be away from the office.  Regardless, make plans to join us from wherever you are to see and hear some fascinating and interesting facts from the LBJ White House and Library.

Lyndon Johnson was one of the funniest, most spellbinding, most outrageous, most captivating, and most effective and persuasive speakers ever to occupy the Presidency. He once prompted the late Leon Jaworski to remark, "… this man makes the greatest, most persuasive talk to a small group of anyone I have ever known. … I have never heard his equal.”  Many of you have heard the cliché that LBJ was "bigger than life.”  But it wasn’t a cliché to thousands of people who came under his spell: the people he wanted to convert, or inspire or thank.  To them, he was, indeed, a giant. [1]

Many of his speeches were very serious; and so many Americans were unaware of the humor, passing and compelling power of LBJ.

Make your plans to join other EWTG members and guests for a fun presentation to learn about the humor of the LBJ White House.  An audio/visual presentation will include actual recordings of the President in some of his most humorous moments.  What a way to enjoy lunch with friends and coworkers on LBJs 106th birthday!

Our guest presenter will be Barbara Cline, Archivist at the LBJ Library.  Barbara is a native Kansan.  She received her B.S. in History from Kansas State University and an M.S. in Instructional Design and Technology from Emporia State University.  She has worked as a Federal employee since January 1975. After a short time with the USDA, she spent 28 years at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library in Abilene, Kansas before transferring as an archivist in January 2004 to the LBJ Library in Austin. Her areas of expertise at the LBJ Library include Lyndon Johnson's pre-Presidential and post-Presidential years, Lady Bird Johnson, Head Start, President Kennedy's assassination, religion, space and the arts. Right now, she is reviewing Mrs. Johnson's audio diary and transcripts.  Mrs. Johnson used about one-third of her transcripts in a book, A White House Diary.  The published and unpublished transcripts for 1963-1965 are now open, and 1966-67 should be open by the end of August.  When the diary is completely open, the digital audio and transcripts will be available on the LBJ Library website.

  • The luncheon is held at the Austin Woman's Club, 708 San Antonio Street
  • Networking begins at 11:45 and lunch will be served at 11:55
  • The program starts at noon and concludes at 1:00 pm
  • Please note there is plenty of free parking.  While there is signage around the building about parking fees, the parking is free to EWTG during the luncheon time frame.

For those of you interested in a visit to the Library; admission will be free on August 27th; with birthday cake and refreshments for visitors.

Click here for more information!

The LBJ the Nation Seldom Saw, Robert L. Hardesty,


July Monthly Luncheon Recap

What's The Forecast?

Featured: Jim Spencer, KXAN News

Joelyn Weeks, Program Director

The July 23, 2014 EWTG Monthly Luncheon Meeting featured Jim Spencer, the most popular Austin weathercaster.  Jim is a member of the KXAN news team.  He joined EWTG members and guests at the July 23rd luncheon to talk about what is happening with the current and future Austin weather.

Meeting participants were very engaged as Jim talked about the various records, rainfall totals and lake levels.  He received many questions from the audience about the weather; what is "normal" weather pattern.  The "normal" weather pattern is based on 30 years of data, and is adjusted every decade based on the previous 30 years.

We have sweated the heat of the last six summers.  We remember the summer of 2011 with over 90 days of 100-degrees or more.  Yet this summer, 2014, has only had two 100-degree days so far.  Jim reported how the last six summers are listed with the summer of 1923 as hottest seven summers in Austin's history.

In 2012 and 2013, we received normal rainfall at Camp Mabry, one of the record-keeping locations; but yet the rainfall hit below the lakes which does not help raise the lake levels.  Lake Travis water level is currently at the lowest level since 1964.  While in 2014, 14¼ inches of rain has fallen so far, but it has hit all at once in one or two significant rainstorms.

Some of the anticipated weather will result from El Nino that continues to develop.  If there is a weak El Nino, we can expect low rainfall between December and February.  But a moderate to strong El Nino will result in increased rainfall.

As the heat rises, many of our seniors cannot afford air conditioning or the electricity rates for air conditioning. Fan drive recipients receive outreach "kits" including basic needs resource information (nutrition, utilities, transportation, etc.); heat relief tips and other help.  Volunteers delivering fans to the homebound seniors and adults with disabilities are trained to watch out for signs of neglect, abuse or other dangerous conditions.

The unplanned community outreach at the EWTG luncheon is a demonstration of how EWTG members are caring individuals who continue to support others and are willing to step up to support our community.  (Refer to the article in this newsletter to see how you too can contribute to the Summer Fan Drive.)

After Jim's dynamic and interesting presentation, many participants talked with him after the program and continued to ask questions.  Many commented about what they called a "fabulous presentation".



EWTG Luncheon Participants Contribute
Family Eldercare's Summer Fan Drive

Jim Spencer, KXAN Meteorologist, was the luncheon speaker at our July 23rd monthly luncheon.  When Jim was introduced at the luncheon to talk about the weather and drought conditions and trends in Central Texas, he was introduced not only about his experience as Austin's favorite meteorologist, but as someone who continues to give back to the community.  The summer fan drive for Family Eldercare was referenced as one of his community involvement activities; as he has been a 21-year supporter of the drive.

When the EWTG luncheon participants learned that Family Eldercare had a low supply of fans for the upcoming August heat, the participants pooled their resources and donated $300 for Jim to share with Family Eldercare for more fans.

In emails from Jim and Family Eldercare the next day, they expressed their genuine gratitude and surprise at EWTG's spur of the moment generosity.

Jim stated "Thank you for the mention of Family Eldercare and our fan drive.  Before I left your meeting, your group had given me $300 for our fan drive! That was very generous and unexpected! Please express our gratitude once again to the entire group."

The email from Becca McPherson, Family Eldercare Development Director, included the following remarks:  "Jim Spencer cc'd me on his response to you.  I wanted to reach out and thank you and EWTG for your generous donation!  It couldn't have come at a better time as we only have 10 fans left in our warehouse and a waiting list already started. This donation will allow us to make a much needed purchase of more fans in perfect time as the heat index tomorrow is anticipated to be about 103.  Please pass along our gratitude to all of the EWTG members."

The EWTG "Fan Drive" for Family Eldercare was unplanned.  But the generosity of the members at the luncheon was overwhelming.  Everyone wanted to help.  The $300 donation from our luncheon participants will buy approximately 20 fans for Central Texas seniors in need.

As the heat rises, many of our seniors cannot afford air conditioning or the electricity rates for air conditioning.  Fan drive recipients receive outreach "kits" including basic needs resource information (nutrition, utilities, transportation, etc.); heat relief tips and other help.  Volunteers delivering fans to the homebound seniors and adults with disabilities are trained to watch out for signs of neglect, abuse or other dangerous conditions.

The unplanned community outreach at the EWTG luncheon is a demonstration of how EWTG members are caring individuals who continue to support others and are willing to step up to support our community.

Anyone interested in assisting with the Fan Drive can find information on Family Eldercare special fan drive site at: 

Monetary donations can be sent to Family Eldercare; or new fans can be delivered to the Family Eldercare offices or dropped off at any local Austin Fire Station.

August Mini-Course Announcement

August 13, 2014

Get the Facts About the Drought


Jill Rutherford, Communications Specialist
Clara Tuma, Public Information Officer (PIO)
Lower Colorado River Authority

People are talking about the drought, but do they have the facts?

In case you were not able to attend the July Monthly Luncheon with Jim Spencer, this presentation is a follow-on about the drought.

This time from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) perspective:  

  • How the lower Colorado River basin is in the seventh year of a record-breaking drought;
  • How Central Texas is prone to drought and flood, and how the Highland Lakes help LCRA manage both;
  • What LCRA is doing to manage our region’s water supply through the drought; and
  • Simple ways everyone can help. 

About the Speakers:

Jill Rutherford

Communications Specialist Lead for the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), Jill manages a team of writers and editors. Jill joined LCRA in 2007 in Human Resources and moved into Communications in 2012. She also worked in Human Resources at Whole Foods Market, Dell, and Towers Watson, a management consulting firm. Jill earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas at Austin and two undergraduate degrees from Northwestern University. She and her husband, Shan, have one son, James, who attends Bridge Point Elementary. Jill is a trained vocalist and frequent soloist at Riverbend Church in Austin.

Clara Tuma

Clara is the Public Information Officer for LCRA and leads the external communication team.  Her team is responsible for sharing information about LCRA with the public through, media interviews, news releases, social media, e-newsletters, videos, and numerous other outlets.  Working closely with subject matter experts, Clara and her team develop and implement strategic communication plans on LCRA-related issues.  Clara graduated from LCRA’s 2013 Leadership Development Program and Federal Emergency Management Agency’s week-long Advanced Public Information Officer course, and has completed numerous FEMA classes on emergency communication. Earlier in her career, Clara was an Emmy-award winning reporter for KVUE News, the ABC affiliate in Austin; a national and international correspondent for Court TV; and a reporter for Texas Lawyer, and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  She earned a Bachelor of Journalism from The University of Texas at Austin.

EWTG will provide pizza, fresh green salad, dessert, and drinks for $10; or registrants can bring their own lunch.

July Mini-Course Recap

"Turning Work into Play"


Diane Schoenert,
Training Specialist and Curriculum Developer, Texas Workforce Commission

Teresa Cabral, Mini-Course Director

Why do some people spend hours playing games?  What is it about game playing that motivates them to engage this way?  What if work could be like playing a game?  Can you imagine a workplace where the employees are as motivated and engaged in their work as they would be playing a game?

During the July mini-course, Ms. Schoenert shared the techniques game designers use to motivate and engage players and how to apply those ideas to make work more fun and fulfilling.  There were interactive discussions around why the class believes that one can have fun at work. There was even a hearty conversation on the subject of what motivates people – some class participants said, "Increase salary by providing promotions,” and "The team leader or manager being honest with the team.”  Others said, "It is important to make sure that the team is included in the decision making process.”  One group emphasized the leader being able to lead by example and simply follow the same direction that the team is expected to follow.

This class also pondered how even in our personal lives we need to put the ’fun’ back in our home life.  Exercising, walking, running or even working can be an excellent way to relieve stress.  People usually feel good after working out not only because of the exercise itself, but also because they completed a goal to which they dedicated themselves.

At the end of this session, the participants wanted to go back to work and continue to exchange ideas about what everyone could do to better enjoy their jobs, all the while having fun.

About the Speaker:

Thank you again to Diane Schoenert of the Texas Workforce Commission. Through Ms. Schoenert’s instruction and knowledge sharing, attendees learned how to apply the ideas employed to develop fun games to make work fun and fulfilling, too.


All Aboard! 

EWTG Educational Event
August 6, 2014

Capital Cruise
with Guest Speaker Shayla Rivera

Contributed by: Dokpe Ogunsanya, Education Chair

The EWTG Education Committee cordially invites you to an insightful and dynamic EWTG Education Event with featured guest speaker, Shayla Rivera, on a two-hour Lady Bird Lake Cruise! Shayla Rivera is a former Aerospace Engineer with NASA turned Keynote Speaker, TV Host, Emcee/Host, Humorist, Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer, Seminar Facilitator, Panel Moderator and Awareness Expert.

Shayla's keynotes include subjects of communication, inspiration, leadership, diversity, STEM education, the importance of humor and her life story. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Shayla grew up with an avid interest in science and fixing things, especially machinery. Her family encouraged a strong foundation in education and a professional career. Shayla Rivera attended Texas A&M University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Psychology. She joined McDonnell Douglas Space Systems at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, to work on NASA’s Shuttle and Space Station programs for eight years. She has appeared on "Comics Unleashed,” "Extreme Fakeover,” "National Lampoon’s Funny Money,” "Funny is Funny” and also as a guest on "The Dennis Miller Show,” "The Roseanne Show” and "The Martin Short Show.”  Rivera was featured in the "Paul Rodriguez Latin All Stars” and was part of Comedy Central.

Where: Hyatt Regency Hotel Lobby

When: 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Price: $15/person

(Please Note: Registrations Closed on July 15th)

Shipboard Sundries Included with Registration:
Buffet Style Finger Foods
Snacks and Drinks

Why: Learn, Network, and Relax

Cruise travels along Lady Bird Lake and neighboring islands and returns to shore at 8:00 pm

2014 Woman of the Year

Nomination Deadline August 15th @ 5 pm!

Katharine Chambers, Public Relations Director

We want you to provide us with your nominations for the 2014 EWTG Woman of the Year! 

The Woman of the Year Award is the most prestigious award presented to one of our very own EWTG women.  You have the opportunity to nominate the EWTG Member that stands out to you as being one of the most active in EWTG, works hard to make a difference in her community, takes pride in her profession, and always presents a professional image; the epitome of EWTG, to the forefront and showcase their true character, their leadership, and the lasting influence they have had on so many.

Please do not delay in nominating this deserving and valuable woman. This is a great opportunity to recognize this woman who is tireless in her giving and does so much for others.  Please take the time to write a nomination for one of our EWTG Members that has made a difference in your life and touches so many others’.

Click on the following link and watch a video of one Woman of the Year recipient.  You will be glad you did!

EWTG's Woman of the Year Video

To nominate a deserving EWTG member, please fill out the application available on the EWTG website at and send it in immediately.

All applications are due no later than August 15, 2014, Friday at 5:00 pm.


 Executive Success Team

Fall Reception

September 18, 2014
5:30 - 7:30 pm

Laure McLaughlin, EWTG President-Elect

It's time for Executive Success Teams (ESTs) to gear up for the Fall. Mark your calendar now and make plans to come to the EST Reception on Thursday, September 18, 2014 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  The reception will be hosted at Serrano’s on Symphony Square, 1111 Red River, just blocks east of the Capitol with plenty of room to meet other teams and mingle with new faces!

Executive Success Teams (ESTs) are one of our organization’s initiatives to group EWTG members, whether new or well-seasoned, into small mentoring groups that meet regularly and discuss professional and personal growth ideas, in confidence, and build a career development cohort.  

Once formed, each EST selects its own schedule, meeting place, discussion topics and any other initiatives.  Many ESTs meet monthly and focus on a particular topic, learning objective, or book.  During the annual professional development conference, many ESTs build themed gift baskets to donate to the EWTG Silent Auction, which funds the EWTG Scholarship Program. Other groups may volunteer together to help in the community.  

Being part of an Executive Success Team is an excellent way to form mentoring relationships, make EWTG friends and develop leadership skills. EWTG Affiliate members are welcome to form their own ESTs, too.

So come join us September 18th!


What Have You Done Lately to Build Your Career?

Denise Pittard, Vice President & Conference Chair

If it's been a while since you did something to further your professional goals, it's time to do something for yourself right now.  Make an appointment on your personal and work calendar to join us for the 28th Annual EWTG Conference! The Conference is set for Monday, November 24, 2014, at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Spa and Conference Center in San Marcos, Texas.  A networking reception will also be held the evening of Sunday, November 23, 2014. 

School may be in recess, but our Conference Committee has been hard at work preparing for the EWTG 28th Annual Professional Development Conference:

The Facilities Committee, led by Jennifer Dormer is working out all of the logistics for the conference, which includes the networking event on Sunday evening for everyone that opts to come in the day prior to the conference.
The Exhibits Committee, led by Trina Edwards is actively working with exhibitors to ensure the Exhibit Hall is appropriately filled with unique exhibitors that will provide information and shopping opportunities for the hundreds of attendees that might be interested in making some last minute holiday purchases.  If you know of a company or entity that would be interested in Exhibiting at the Conference this year, there is a link on the EWTG website to the Exhibits Form and all the details.

The Programs Committee, led by Karen Howard, is wrapping up their efforts to attract Presenters for the 36 workshops which are so popular with the attendees at the conference.  With the theme this year, "BUILDING CAREERS AND DEVELOPING LEADERS" there are some great topics for all levels. (As a side note, this Committee had over 55 submissions from which to select the best for these featured Workshops!)

The Silent Auction Committee, led by Debbie Peterson, is enthusiastically working to make the Silent Auction a spectacular feature at the conference again this year.  This Committee has already begun to collect donations and commitments from vendors, members, and various entities throughout the community to ensure the Silent Auction is successful as our most significant fundraising event of the year for EWTG.  This is how EWTG is able to provide our members with scholarships for professional development, to include the highly coveted Leadership Texas program.

The Registration Committee, led by Bobbe Walker, is working on all the registration details, and Grace Nobles, the Evaluations and Resolutions Committee Chair is working out all the details for the evaluation process.

If you would like additional information or may be interested in being part of one of our Conference Committees, please email me directly at  I would enjoy speaking with you about how your skills and interests could match up with conference needs.

Keep watching the EWTG website at and the monthly Newsletter; this is where all the details will be published once they are confirmed – including the Key Note Speakers!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Get Your Training On Us! 

Gena Minjares and Audrey Seldon, Scholarships Committee

Not sure how to cover the cost to attend the EWTG 28th Annual Conference this year?  One of the leading benefits of having your EWTG membership is the opportunity to apply for one of several available scholarships.  A core mission of EWTG is to help our members take their career to the next level by providing opportunities to increase skill-sets through training, continuing education, and professional certifications.  Toward that goal, EWTG offers scholarships in each of the following categories.  Please notes some are available every quarter while others are only available one time per calendar year with a September 30 Deadline.

Below are the types of scholarships for which EWTG Members can apply:

  • Seminar, Workshop, Conference and Training

    • These scholarships are offered each calendar quarter on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st.

    • Various continuing education courses, professional development conferences and other training programs that advance you skills can qualify for this type of scholarship

    • Excludes the EWTG Annual Conference

    • Maximum award is $500

  • Formal Education

    • These scholarships are offered each calendar quarter on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st.

    • These scholarship funds are meant to help supplement formal "for credit" college tuition.

    • Formal education must be at an accredited institution of higher education.

    • Maximum award is $1,000 per year

  • Leadership Texas

    • The Leadership Texas Scholarship is the Flagship Scholarship of EWTG! This scholarship is only open for application during the calendar Quarter ending September 30th.

    • This is the only scholarship that will cover the entire program cost of Leadership Texas and also reimburse for some travel related expenses.

    • Applicants must apply separately to both the Leadership Texas program directly through the Leadership Women organization website at and to EWTG for the scholarship.

    • The award of the EWTG LT Scholarship will be finalized upon confirmatio of acceptance into the Leadership Texas Program by the Leadership Women organization.

  • EWTG Annual Professional Development Conference

    • Maximum award is equal to the earliest registration cost

    • These scholarships are only offered during the quarter ending September 30th.

    • Awards are made in October and credited toward your EWTG Annual Conference registration

Now is the perfect time to earn mandatory training requirements, learn a new skill; apply to attend the Annual EWTG Conference, or apply to the prestigious Leadership Texas program.  EWTG is here to help reward you for all your contributions to our organization throughout the year.  So take advantage of this great benefit to being an active member and apply for a scholarship today!

Additional information including eligibility criteria, award methodology, and application instructions can be found here


EWTG Affiliates Updates

Did you know that EWTG membership extends beyond Austin?  There are currently four active, enthusiastic Affiliate chapters who are busy conveying to their members the messages of leadership, networking, and professional development for which EWTG was established.

The Houston Affiliate, chartered in 1995, pioneered the formation of EWTG’s affiliate chapters.  They were soon followed by the Dallas Affiliate in 1996.  The year 2010 saw the formation of the Brazos Valley Affiliate, in the Bryan-College Station area.  The newest affiliate chapter of EWTG is San Antonio, chartered in 2012.  What’s required to establish an affiliate chapter?  All you really need to get started is ten or more EWTG members, in good standing, who are working or residing in physical proximity to each other and are committed to running a EWTG Affiliate in their area.  Then, to keep things going, the chapter needs to hold at least two meetings per year.  It sounds simple, doesn’t it?  But it takes a whole lot of energy and drive, of which our affiliates have plenty.

The Brazos Valley Affiliate meets every two months, on the third Wednesday, and alternates times between lunch meetings and evening gatherings so that everyone who may not be able to spare the time during the day will still get an opportunity to attend.  The Dallas Affiliate meets every month, and their 2014 schedule is available on the EWTG website.  The Houston and San Antonio Affiliates also meet monthly.  Each affiliate provides opportunities for educational enrichment at these meetings by inviting speakers who present a variety of topics designed for an audience of professional women.

Do you work with other people in your agency who have offices in these four areas?  If so, please let your colleagues know that they can also have the opportunity to join EWTG.  Our Affiliate chapters are continuing to grow and welcome new members.  If you or your associates have questions, or are interested in coming to a meeting or joining EWTG, please get in touch with the Affiliate Chairs, whose contact information is below, or the 2014 Affiliates Director, Cindy Hale, at

Brazos Valley Affiliate Chair:
Brenda Grays (

Dallas Affiliate Chair:
Susan Rossiter (

Houston Affiliate Chair:
Sam Gotsdiner (

San Antonio Affiliate Co-Chairs:
Siena Lindeman (
Aimee Sharp (


EWTG Looms Hats for Premature Babies

Benefiting Dell Children's Medical Center

June 7, 2014 Carver Library

Shawana Ellison, Community Service Chair

The EWTG Community Service Committee held a family event to loom hats for Dell Children’s Medical Center for premature babies.  The family event was held at the Carver Library on June 7th.  This event was held as a supportive program for the babies in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Dell Children’s Medical Center in coordination with the March of Dimes.  Several volunteers gathered to create tiny, beautiful pumpkin hats under the guidance and instruction of Heather Reimer, MSW, NICU Family Support Specialist.

The hats we created were pumpkin-themed hats which the babies will have the opportunity to wear in October.  The babies and their families will be given a special free photography session to celebrate their first Halloween.

Thank you to EWTG and to the volunteers who came out to support this meaningful Community Service Project.  It was a fun and rewarding way EWTG members and their families could participate in giving something special and incredibly helpful to a family for their new little angel.


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Ruth E Andersen, Retired
Adrienne Michelle Blanton, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Anneliese Geis, Texas Department of Transportation
Judy Graven, Dept of Licensing and Regulation
Endi Ollis, Texas Department of Information Resources
Alicia Pierce, Texas Secretary of State
Jena Randall, University of Texas at Austin

Abby Allford, Texas Attorney General
Cindy Bordovsky-Stone, NTTDATA, Inc
Anne Boykin, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service
Janie Duarte, Teacher Retirement System
Clare Dyer
Lily 'Bunny' Ferris, Health and Human Services Commission
Misti Hair, Department of Aging and Disability Services
N.J. (Jodie) Harrison, UT Health Science Center
Joanne E. Holshouser, Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Elizabeth Jamison, LCRA
Valvree Kerr, State Comptrollers (retired)
Carolyn Kirkwood, DADS
Tetyana Melnyk, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Gina Marie Muniz, Texas Health & Human Services
Del Randall, Retired (Department of State Health Services)
Bobbe Walker, Department of Family & Protective Services
Lynn Whitten, Department of Information Resources



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